A Recipe for Laughs: An Oklahoma comedian searches for the proper ingredients for achievement

CHOCTAW, Okla. — He works as a chef to pay the payments so that you can believe Andrew Rose to whip up a couple of accurate scrambled eggs in a couple of minutes, even though he’s on an excursion.

“Everything in breakfast is so brief,” he says, even as he stirs scrambled eggs at the stove.

But a visit to his dad’s Choctaw residence isn’t keeping him far from every other set of recipes he maintains in a pocketbook that never leaves his facet.

“I just write them all out,” says Rose. “Like this, proper here, says, ‘I hate being a millennial.”

Everything here: observations, tales, cartoon ideas, and jokes is a cookbook for laughs.

“My dad’s not correct at Google.”

“Like a special historic technology for Shark Tank.”

A Recipe for Laughs: An Oklahoma comedian searches for the proper ingredients for achievement 1

“My dad and mom met at a Burger King,” he says in one of his standup routines. “Yeah. I’m from Oklahoma, where they’d their prom, so it makes feel.”

He never realized that seeking to make his uncle chuckle meant whatever.

But as little Andrew has become a huge Andrew, the chemistry of humor started out baking a comedy cake.

“Everyone has a funny tale,” he points out. “It’s just taking the one’s anecdotes on stage.”

He moved to Los Angeles nearly years ago, hoping to paint his way into an everyday job as a standup comic.

In every other part of his customary, he says, “I love being a prepare dinner. I’ve discovered lots of things. One, women are plenty like grills. You’re hot; however, I cannot determine how to show you on.”

If you need to be terrific at preparing dinner, you hang out in the kitchen.

You get on the mic if you want to be good at standup comedy.

Rose says, “I was given a task and started doing comedy when I ought to.”

Andrew’s humor has already made it into more than one comic book.

He’s nevertheless a chef to pay the payments; however, this weekend, he’s taking his comedy to headliner popularity, re-recording his first particular home in Oklahoma.

“We’re filming it,” he says. “It’s going to be a laugh.”

Edit and reduce, allow to simmer, and make giggle.

Towards quitting his routine, he publicizes this fact: “Only sixty percent of human beings wash their palms when they leave the bathroom. The other forty percent are men.”

The recipe for an excellent joke includes the proper substances and timing, much like the eggs he cooked for breakfast.

His comedy career might within the oven, but it is heating up.

The Andrew Rose Live comedy special takes region Saturday, June 15, 2019, at the Paramount Theater, 701 W. Sheridan. Doors open at 7 p.m.

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