Army researcher defends dissertation, pursues safeguarded era


An electronics engineer in the Army’s company research laboratory efficaciously defended his doctoral dissertation while operating to protect the fielded generation for today’s soldiers and the day after today.

Dr. Wayne Churaman, an electronics engineer in the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Army Research Laboratory, defended his dissertation, “Investigating Energetic Porous Silicon as a Solid Propellant Micro-Thruster,” for the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

Army researcher defends dissertation, pursues safeguarded era 1

Churaman serves as group leader for the On-Chip Energetics and MEMS Team at ARL, having completed his doctoral work while growing nano-scale energetics for electronic tool protection. His paintings help the Army’s Network Modernization Priority.

“My work entails growing novel integration strategies to enhance conventional microelectromechanical systems or MEMS, and electronics with on-chip reactive materials for a huge form of packages ranging from device protection, thermal battery ignition sources, and fuzing,” Churaman said.

Churaman also leads a group of worldwide elegance scientists in growing strategic technologies and skills for individuals in the intelligence community.

“When I first joined ARL in 2005 as a contractor, sparkling out of my undergraduate diploma, my role targeted developing the essential fabric science behind lively porous silicon,” Churaman said. “Over the years, I have been capable of directing this material’s evolution into several software spaces with direct relevance to both the Army’s mission and those throughout the intelligence network.”

According to Churaman, the studies in developing strategies to enhance electronics and MEMS with exceptionally tunable reactive materials are crucial to the Army and the Soldiers because they represent a unique capability to shield the fielded era of these days and potentially in the future.

“As battle maintains to span the range of the electronic spectrum with an ever-evolving multi-area state of affairs, the need to position generation in the hands of the warfighter is crucial,” Churaman stated. “We no longer aim to equip them with the most sophisticated era, but also to guard the era from the adversary. Protecting this technology translates into shielding our combating force.”

Regarding his latest instructional undertaking, Churaman cited that the hit defense of his dissertation is a considerable milestone in his existence that holds both personal gratification and professional promise.

“It is a tremendous accomplishment, individually and professionally, to successfully defend my Ph.D. Dissertation,” Churaman said. “My family has always supported me at some point in my instructional endeavors, and it approaches the whole thing that I can percentage this accomplishment with them, especially my spouse and my dad and mom, whom without, this would no longer have been possible. This is a fantastic blessing from God. It also represents a large expert accomplishment as I acquired first-rate mentorship from infinite members of the CCDC ARL’s own family. It represents a go back on funding from ARL, as they’ve afforded me this opportunity.”

Moving ahead, Churaman continues to set up critical engagements with contributors of the defense and intelligence communities to become aware of and fill technological gaps that affect the safety of touchy hardware deployed throughout multi-domain operational structures.

“My vision for the next 5 to ten years is to have an extra and lasting impact for the Army and the warfighter,” Churaman said. “I have spent a giant amount of time developing a gap but the relevant use case for active porous silicon, and have worked with fantastic scientists right here at ARL to elevate the technical readiness stage of this fabric. My imagination and prescient are transitioning this capability to fielded use to enable a new battlefield functionality. I additionally would love to boost ARL’s popularity and notoriety as an ideal lab for the whole DOD via pursuing leadership roles to pressure new technology and infuse new, revolutionary questioning across the lab.”

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