Baked apples make clean, wholesome dessert

If overcooked, Editor Suzanne Moore determined, they burst and come to be apple sauceBaked apples make clean, wholesome dessert 1
Something sweet shouldn’t be high in fats.

Its calories needn’t be through the roof.

In other words, it doesn’t have to be chocolate.

That’s a concept much warfare to comprehend, consisting of me.

It’s 2D nature to attain a Milky Way Bar and fire up a batch of cakes.

I turned into cutting up a Honeycrisp apple for a day snack (yes, I was eating a wholesome meal) on a current day when it struck me.

Baked apples. Quick apple pie, minus crust.

Not surprising, right? Apples to apples.


I looked for a “healthy baked apple recipe” on my smartphone and found several.

All featured a prep time of about 5 minutes — just what I’d been looking for.

Kimberley Eggleston (thespruceeats.Com) recommends using Granny Smith apples.

Other recipes tapped Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, and others as “baking apples.”

I’m in no way acknowledging its subjects. Living in McIntosh, with a tree of that variety in my yard, I’ve almost always used Macs for my pies, apple crisps, and different cakes.

It turns out it’s for a cooking apple, but I decided to stick with the recipe, in that respect, anyway.

The five-minute prep wasn’t far off. I washed two brilliant, inexperienced Granny Smiths, cut them half from the stem, and carefully cut out the center.

I set them on their rounded bottoms in a baking dish.

Some recipes say to cut the apple in half via the center, core each half, and then position them again collectively with the internal filling. However, I figured I’d maintain it simply this time around.


For the filling, I stirred up 1 T of brown sugar with 1/eight teas of cinnamon. I chopped up a few dates and threw in some walnut pieces.

Other alternatives are raisins and pecans; I think dried cranberries would add a distinctive tang. The maximum recipes I observed were named for half tea. Or so of butter atop the filling of each 1/2 apple.

In the interest of low fat, I skipped that.

I’d preheated the oven to 350 stages, slid my filled apple halves — exposed — into the warmth, and set the timer for 15 minutes.

It wasn’t long enough. Thirty minutes didn’t do it either. Then I vaguely recalled baking apples years ago, with some water in the pan’s bottom, which I’d covered with foil.

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