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Big Belly Burger: How the Fast Food Chain Took Over the Arrowverse

Big Belly Burger is one of the maximum non-going ordinary functions of The C.W.’s Arrowverse. This quick meals burger joint allows fueling the D.C.T.V. superheroes with less-than-healthy fare as they defend their respective cities. While it would look like a jogging gag, the fictitious eating place chain predates the Arrowverse with the aid of a long time inside the comedian ebook D.C. Universe.

Now, C.B.R. is observing the exceedingly many histories of Big Belly Burger inside the comedian book D.C. Universe and Arrowverse like Arro,w, and The Flash.

Big Belly Burger: How the Fast Food Chain Took Over the Arrowverse 1

Big Belly Burger was first created via John Byrne and Jerry Ordway in 1988’s Adventures of Superman #441 as an eating place chain owned with the aid of LexCorp. Reputedly established as one of the essential rapid food chains within the D.C. Universe, the popular eating place presented expansion milkshakes, fries, and, of direction, burgers, which include its signature meal, the Belly Buster. Like its rumored inspiration, Bob’s Big Boy, Big Belly Burger’s mascot was a red-haired guy sporting a beard and glasses, claimed by Byrne to be primarily based on comedian ebook writer and editor Andy Helfer.

During the New fifty-two technology, the quick meals chain became prominent inside the D.C. Universe thanks to its stay-action debut on the Arrowverse. Its origins are based in Coast City sometime throughout the Fifties. Whether the chain remains owned through LexCorp at some stage in the New 52 and D.C. Rebirth eras is unknown.


In addition to acting in the historical past in many D.C. Comics titles and Superman and The Flash, Big Belly Burger has performed a stunning role within the DCU. Corporate-minded superhero Booster Gold had blanketed the fast-food chain among his many sponsors and could be visible in commercials selling the restaurant. Other predominant D.C. characters who have since publicly advocated the quick meals joint include Jimmy Olsen and Perry White, who seemed in a sequence of ads for the chain.

Jimmy would later remember that the primary time he and Clark Kent spent together outside the Daily Planet offices changed into a Big Belly Burger. Superman himself once faced a version of the restaurant’s mascot temporarily brought to lifestyles by using Mister Mxyzptlk in the chain’s first look. A few D.C. characters even labored at Big Belly Burger for a time, along with Will Payton, the hero Starman, Will Payton, and the exiled Monitor Nix Uotan, all through the occasions of the comedian ebook crossover Final Crisis.

Big Belly Burger could make its live-movement debut inside the 0.33 episode of the inaugural season of Arrow with John Diggle bringing Oliver Queen and Tommy Merlyn to a region in Starling City to get better after they persevered a beating from a neighborhood gangster. As the place of business of Diggle’s sister-in-law Carly, the area could regularly seem at some point of the first season and sporadically inside the collection transferring forward, including where Sara Lance makes her vigilante debut within Season 2 most efficiently.

The chain might regularly appear in The Flash, beginning as a historical past vicinity within the series foremost. Since then, it’s emerged as a favorite eating option for Team Flash. Barry mainly relies on its high-calorie menu to preserve his accelerated caloric intake to fuel his superhuman capabilities.

Eobard Thawne could read later commentary that the chain became his favorite private restaurant because beef changed into not being available at some point in his time. Near the give-up of the primary season, Cisco discovered that the Reverse Flash was in S.T.A.R. Labs when his orange soda started floating into the air. The Harrison Wells of Earth-2 further expressed a desire with Hunter Zolomon gazing that each Earth inside the known Multiverse has its Big Belly Burger. He requested a burger nearly as quickly as he arrived on Earth-1.

Eobard Thawne could later observe that the chain became his favorite eating place, given that pork was unavailable throughout his time. Near the end of the first season, Cisco found out that the Reverse Flash was in S.T.A.R. Labs while his orange soda began floating into the air. The Harrison Wells of Earth-2 similarly expressed a choice. Hunter Zolomon observed that every Earth in the regarded Multiverse has its personal Big Belly Burger and asked for a burger almost as soon as he arrived on Earth-1.

While it won’t be as famous as The Simpsons’ Krusty Burger or Spongebob Squarepants’ Krusty Krab, Big Belly Burger remains one of the most distinguished fictional rapid food chains in a popular lifestyle. While it has been part of the D.C. Universe for over 30 years,

Fueling the heroes of the D.C. Universe both in print and on T.V., Big Belly Burger presents not only healthy, speedy food options for characters at the cross but also with a sudden longing for burgers and fries. As one of the most diagnosed fictional eating places in the DCU, it has visibly grown in popularity, given its incorporation into the Arrowverse.

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