• Photo of What you want to recognise approximately Tuscaloosa’s juvenile curfew

    What you want to recognise approximately Tuscaloosa’s juvenile curfew

    The Tuscaloosa City Council surpassed a juvenile curfew geared toward decreasing crime in 2010. It applies to everyone more youthful than 18. Tuscaloosa Police plan to ramp up efforts to enforce the curfew to respond to recent crimes regarding teenage victims and suspects. Minors are prohibited from being in public locations between 10 p.M. And six a.M. On Sunday through…

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  • Photo of When Technology Can Be Used To Build Weapons

    When Technology Can Be Used To Build Weapons

    On the night of Jan. Sixteen, Liz O’Sullivan sent a letter she’d been operating on for weeks. It became directed at her boss, Matt Zeiler, the founder and CEO of Clarifai, a tech business enterprise. “The second earlier than I hit the ship and then afterward, my coronary heart, I could just experience it racing,” she says. The letter asked:…

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  • Photo of History of Wireless Technologies

    History of Wireless Technologies

    The development of the Wireless era owes all of it to Michael Faraday – for coming across the principle of electromagnetic induction, to James Maxwell – for Maxwell’s equations, and to Guglielmo Marconi – for transmitting a wireless sign over one and a half miles. The sole motive of the wi-fi era is a wireless conversation, through which data can…

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  • Photo of Leaping Into the sixth Technology Revolution

    Leaping Into the sixth Technology Revolution

    We’re liable to lacking out on a number of the maximum profound possibilities offered by using the era revolution that has just started. Yet many are oblivious to the signs and are at risk of watching this end up the duration of noisy turmoil rather than the entire-blown rebellion had to launch us right into a green economic system. What…

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  • Photo of Secret Behind Technology Blogging

    Secret Behind Technology Blogging

    It isn’t any secret that there is a secret behind era running a blog; it’s miles one of the best niches in running a blog. Blogging about generation is one of the exceptional methods to get ahead in present-day society. In truth, generation blogging is a unique niche in running a blog nowadays for all who desire to start a…

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  • Photo of Technology and Our Kids

    Technology and Our Kids

    The majority plugged in all the time, and I am frequently surprised by the impact of technology on our youngsters. Some say era is every other helpful studying device that is making our children more intelligent and a few say it’s miles having no widespread impact in any respect. Still, others advocate that era use encourages social isolation, growing attentional…

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  • Photo of Radio Thoughts on Domestic Technologies for Americans

    Radio Thoughts on Domestic Technologies for Americans

    Welcome to this 21st day of October, 12-years into the 21st century. I want to thank all my online readers and radio listeners for their persevered aid. For present-day speak I will talk about many items having to do with our technology for domestic functions; entertainment, safety, training, and private verbal exchange. It’s all topics, and it’s miles changing the…

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  • Photo of Select the Right NOx Control Technology

    Select the Right NOx Control Technology

    Most main industrialized city areas in the U.S. Cannot satisfy the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone. Atmospheric studies have proven that ozone formation results from a complex set of chemical reactions related to risky natural compounds (VOCs) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Those studies indicate that many city areas with VOC/NOx ratios greater than 15:1 can reduce ambient…

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  • Photo of Fifty Years of Technology Gone?

    Fifty Years of Technology Gone?

    Technology has come in a protracted manner inside the beyond fifty years. So if I advised you something about all of the terrific era within the beyond fifty years, I should go on all the time! But instead, we could just pay attention to a number of the beautiful generation we have enjoyed for the past fifty years. However, it…

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  • Photo of Managing Technology Within An Organization

    Managing Technology Within An Organization

    “I am placing myself to the fullest viable use, that’s all I assume that any conscious entity can ever wish to do.” – From the HAL 9000 pc, 2001: A Space Odyssey When it comes to technology solutions to your enterprise it is easy to get carried away with the today’s-and-great-est devices and answers. Everyone wants to have the ultra-modern…

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