Cult Favorite Dessert Cafe Opens Marina Sequel

U: Dessert Story, a sister restaurant to brunch preferred Kitchen Story, is increasing to the Marina. The dessert cafe’s sequel opens at 2120 Greenwich Street this Saturday, with Japanese brunch and more significant Korean, Japanese, and Thai-stimulated desserts that have made U: Dessert Story a hit in its first year of enterprise at 3489 Sixteenth Street.

Tammy Boonlieng opened U: Dessert Story after six years at Kitchen Story, which is part of a small empire of SF brunch eating places, including Sweet Maple, recognized for their “millionaire’s bacon” dish and resulting traces. While Boonlieng loves brunch, she’s additionally got a sweet spot for dessert and saw a demand for a dessert cafe.

“I love the Asian cakes and the Japanese, Korean, and Thai lifestyle,” says Boonlieng. Her move-to at U: Dessert Story is bingsoo, Korean shaved ice.

The new U: Dessert Story will serve more excellent goodies like matcha lava desserts by nighttime, but Marina’s sunlight hours cognizance could be Japanese brunch. Look out for objects like omurice, an oozing Japanese egg omelet favorable to purpose, an Instagram sensation. “We cut it, and it’s bursting in the front of clients — the equal enjoyment that a person gets after they visit Japan,” says Boling.

Cult Favorite Dessert Cafe Opens Marina Sequel 1

U: Dessert Story’s new 2120 Greenwich Street has been quiet because in January, however, it did a bustling brunch enterprise as Diane’s Bloody Mary Bar. That assignment was one in a string of experiments that utilized the Michael Mina institution at what became the Mina Test Kitchen. The Mina Group still owns the construction. However, it rents the distance even when searching for a more extensive check kitchen home.

“MINA Test Kitchen has been quite a hit and has allowed our group the capacity to test many exclusive principles during the last few years,” a representative for the Mina Group advised Eater SF. “We’ve found out lots, been capable of tweaking recipes, and think through entire principles to include wine, beer, cocktail menus, or even what décor works nicely with the standards.” Those concepts blanketed several that found permanent homes, like International Smoke with Ayesha Curry.

For the new U: Dessert Story, “A lot of people may suppose the extra Asian spots is probably higher,” says Boonlieng, referencing the Richmond and Sunset Districts. But the Marina appealed in component because it might permit her commercial enterprise to faucet into a new client base for her desserts: Non-Asians. “I want to train them to play with and recognize our Asian cakes and cultures more.”

To engage clients, U: Dessert Story encourages them to select their sweetness stages and personalize their orders. “I name it ‘U’ as it’s yours, the patron’s,” Boonlieng says.

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