Diet capsules bought to teen via UK shops, BBC document reveals

The BBC has observed that Boots, Superdrug, and Holland & Barrett have broken their policy by selling weight-reduction plan tablets to a 17-12 months-antique without checking for ID.

A 17-year-old actress, sent by using BBC Watchdog, changed into capable of buying eating regimen drugs in 17 out of 18 shops visited.

An unmarried branch of Boots was the handiest keep to disclaim the

Diet capsules bought to teen via UK shops, BBC document reveals 1undercover actress the sale due to the fact she didn’t have ID.

When presented with the findings, all the outlets promised to take action.

The teen visited six particular branches of Boots, Superdrug, and Holland & Barrett.

Of the 18 stores visited, 17 shops bought the actress weight-reduction plan tablets. One Boot refused to serve her primarily based on her age because she had no ID.

In each Holland & Barrett and Superdrug, every save bought the 17-12 months-vintage actress weight loss program capsules.

Several Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stores attempted to sign the actress to their loyalty card scheme.

It isn’t unlawful to sell weight loss program capsules to young people – but Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, and Boots all have guidelines in the area that are imagined to ensure that they’re not sold to all underage people.

In addition, most of the goods are labeled with advocated age regulations.

Dr. Anna Colton, a toddler physiologist, defined Watchdog Live’s results as “simply terrifying”.

She introduced: “You are better off having no advice than having advice anyone ignores as it gives this sort of fake safety experience.

“I think the body of workers need to gain knowledge of that if someone is available in as they’re with an electricity drink or with alcohol if someone comes in who appears underage, you ask for ID, and then you say, ‘I’m without a doubt sorry no.'”

Customer communique

In reaction to Watchdog’s findings, Boots said it had some services and products to help customers shed pounds in an “accountable manner”. It also stated it had pharmacists and educated personnel capable of advising on using diet aids competently.

“These products are regulated via the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and Boots follows all applicable sales guidance.

“Our website and the product containers state the recommended age guidance for the goods in the query.

“In addition to following the correct steering as to how these merchandise are currently offered in save, we’re looking at how our colleagues talk with clients to meet their wishes while shopping for this merchandise.”
Training evaluate

Holland & Barrett said ensuring its products were bought responsibly became of the “utmost significance” to it.

It stated it changed into “very dissatisfied” that the research highlighted cases wherein it had “fallen short of the standards we expect in our shops and are taking instantaneous moves to ensure this is addressed”.

“We are ensuring records around age regulations are reinforced in our stores and online and are reviewing our training to ensure all colleagues are clean on our policies relating to this merchandise.

“Importantly, our colleagues will now be brought on to request ID for customers who appear beneath 25 while shopping all age-restricted weight control merchandise, and we will decline the sale of these products to customers who cannot exhibit they’re above 18.”
‘Remind cashiers’

Superdrug stated it desired to reassure its customers that “immediate movement” was taken due to Watchdog’s investigation.

“Our moves consist of checking that each urge for food suppressant products has a till restriction. When scanned through, it activates a ‘set off’ to flash up and remind cashiers that the product is not to be offered to those under the age of 18 years and to ask for a photographic ID.

“We have also issued special education on age-restricted weight-reduction plan merchandise to all staff.

“Also, simplest registered clients, who have confirmed their delivery date, can purchase age-restrained merchandise online. Furthermore, we need to help teach customers about age restrictions and have plans to enforce shelf symptoms in all stores that promote this food regimen merchandise, informing clients of our policy.”

Body photo

Presenter Nikki Fox met Katie, who is now 21. However, she told the program that at 14, she could cross into shops in her college uniform and purchase diet drugs without getting ID’d. Katie advised the program, “One puzzled me; no person ID’d me”.

Stephen Powis, the National Medical Director of NHS England, stated: “We understand that those weight loss plan capsules can cause physical problems on events including abdominal ache or diarrhea. But we are specifically worried about capacity consequences on mental health.

“There is lots of stress on younger human beings today, and lots of them are particularly concerned through frame image, about how they look and that potentially leading to a virulent disease of intellectual fitness.

“We need stores to ensure that they’re not selling merchandise to those who might be prone, particularly young those under 18.”

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