Dolly Parton to release lifestyle logo

American United States of America singer Dolly Parton has signed a global licensing agreement with IMG to release a lifestyle emblem promoting a diverse range of merchandise consisting of, however not limited to, style, rings, accessories, and homeware.

Commenting on the partnership, IMG’s Vice President of Licensing, Gary Krakower, stated in an assertion: “Dolly Parton is a worldwide icon and we’re thrilled to be running along with her. Together, we stay up for constructing a cohesive way of life emblem merchandise so as to have fun Dolly and bring her iconic fashion and character to her millions of lovers international in enticing new ways.”

Parton has bought over a hundred million albums international over the past 40 years, having won eight Grammy Awards. A theme park devoted to her frame of labor in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, gets extra than 2 million site visitors annually. Her songs have additionally inspired a sequence of 8 movies with the intention to be released on Netflix later this yr.

Operating in greater than 30 nations, IMG manages a range of celebrities and athletes. The corporation is also concerned with advertising, media and licensing activities for manufacturers, sports organizations and collegiate institutions.

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