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Friends of Headwaters Offering Free Writing

Outdoor enthusiasts can use the beauty of the Headwaters Forest Reserve to refine their photography and writing abilities in unfastened workshops to be presented this spring and summer via the Bureau of Land Management and Friends of Headwaters.

Friends of Headwaters Offering Free Writing 1

Bob Wick, an acclaimed panorama photographer with the BLM, will lead the pictures workshop on Sunday, June 9, sharing strategies that use lighting fixtures, angles, shutter pace, and aperture to capture dramatic landscapes. Participants will meet at the Elk River Trailhead at 10 a.m. The three-hour workshop is a way to encompass a -mile walk over degree ground. Participants ought to carry their very own photo equipment.

North Coast creator Jerry Martien will lead a nature writing workshop on Sunday, July 21, at the Headwaters Education Center, approximately a half-mile from the Elk River Trailhead parking region. In the two-hour workshop, Martien will talk about “listening” to nature and “translating” what is heard into poetry and prose. Participants must meet on the Elk River Trailhead at 1 p.m.

Both workshop leaders are executed in their fields.

Wick’s pix have been featured in BLM and U. S. Department of the Interior courses, social media, and news media shops such as The Washington Post, Outside Magazine, and the CBS Evening News. Three of his photographs are featured in the 2019 Postal Service, all the timestamps.

Martin has been writing and teaching on the California North Coast for over 40 years. He has written nonfiction books and posted two volumes of poetry.

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