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Google is ending the integration between Drive and Photos

Google Drive is a place to shop all your files, and Google Photos is an area to store all your photos. On the surface, having those two Google services combine makes sense, and these days, all your Google Photos become in Drive, and all your Drive photographs emerge as in Google Photos. But this week, Google has introduced that this integration might be ending quickly, mentioning consumer remarks that the integration is “confusing.” Starting in July, the two offerings can be separate with pictures in one service, not shifting over to the alternative.

Google is ending the integration between Drive and Photos 1

Google Drive’s “Backup and Sync” computer app is Google’s equivalent of Dropbox. Install it for your computing device pc, and it’s going to download all of your Drive files right into a folder and maintain that folder synced and up to date. Usually, this involved a ton of office documents generated via Google Docs and so forth. The Google Photos integration supposed that Drive also attempted to download your whole photo series to every pc you very own by way of default. While filling up a tough drive with workplace files is challenging, the Google Photos folder may tens or maybe loads of gigabytes depending on how many of a shutterbug you are.

Some users may need to have a neighborhood backup of all their images on all their computers. Still, others may need to deal with Google Photos as just an archival cloud garage provider, allowing it to save all their photos in the cloud so they do not should fear approximately them. Previously, users that established Drive to unexpectedly find their computer filling up with every photo they’ve ever taken could have been tempted to open a file supervisor, click on the Google Drive “Photos” folder, and hit “Delete.” That becomes a terrible idea, although. Thanks to the Drive and Photos integration, deleting the Drive “Photos” folder might wipe out your complete image series in Google Photos.

At no factor turned into this connection communicated to customers, and Google seems to agree that that is a prime problem. The new assertion weblog post puts it plainly: “This trade is designed to assist prevent accidental deletion of gadgets across products.”
Google has a support web page up detailing how the transition will work. The Drive and Photos integration might be turned off July 10, at which factor the Drive “Google Photos” folder will no longer constitute your Google Photos series. Your files might be left on my own, but uploads, modifications, and file deletions will prevent syncing the two offerings.

The Google Drive “Backup and Sync” app for Windows and Mac will still add to both Google Drive and Google Photos. However, the capacity to have a synced neighborhood reproduction of your Google Photos will be going away. Google still offers a complete photo download through Google Takeout, but that could be a massive brick of all of your photos, no longer a syncing service.

On the mobile side of factors, this transformation also manner the Google Photos app will not routinely sync your phone photographs to Drive. They may be mechanically downloaded to your computer. If you’re on Android and need to have your smartphone snapshots downloaded to a computer mechanically, for now the third-celebration app “AutoSync for Google Drive” is a great solution. There’s also always Dropbox.

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