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A girl sexually confused on a tram stated the abuse, which she filmed and published on social media, became “all too not unusual”.

Journalist Charlotte Green tweeted a clip of the ordeal on a Metrolink service between Oldham and Manchester’s Exchange Square.

It suggests a man making lewd feedback and sexual gestures earlier than threatening a passenger who tried to intervene.

Ms. Green, 26, said the device needed to change.

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The harassment occurred on Monday at about 20:00 BST on the East Didsbury line as Ms. Green made her manner domestic from paintings. It lasted for about 15 minutes.

She stated: “This changed into not uncommon; it’s far a trouble women face every day on public shipping.

“But this crossed a whole new line.

“He got on the prevent after me and became high on something… Then he activates the handiest man who stepped in and tried to assist me.”

Ms. Green stated others on the team had been reluctant to get worried as “these forms of incidents had been normalized”.

She said: “I do not suppose the fellow who did try to help will ever do it once more as he went completely mental on him. It changed into pretty scary.

“We cannot rely on the kindness of strangers to step in any way. What sort of gadget is that?

“There ought to be conductors on trams so they might defuse the situation earlier than it escalates and, if required, discretely alert police.

“Pressing the emergency button and preventing the tram on this instance wouldn’t be an amazing concept, I think it would have made the state of affairs worse, and I simply desired him to get off.”

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The abuse has been reported to the police and Transport for Greater Manchester.

Danny Vaughan, head of Metrolink, apologized and stated the “horrible” harassment turned into “unacceptable”.

He said Metrolink had improved its number of customer support staff, and Travelsafe officials regularly patrolled the network to prevent “thoughtless and ignorant behavior”.

Ms. Green brought: “This shouldn’t be my everyday shuttle home from work – or everyone else’s – it made me sense objectified, uncomfortable and unsafe.

“A range of my girl colleagues have comparable or even worse reports at the tram.

“Since tweeting the video, I actually have received some of the messages from others who’ve thanked me for elevating the issue.”

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