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Gujarat State Transport Employees on Strike; Wage Hike Demand Cripples Bus Service

Ahmedabad: Thousands of personnel of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) Thursday proceeded on mass informal leave for an afternoon to press their demands along with a wage hike as according to the Seventh Pay Commission. It left commuters across the state stranded as GSRTC buses stopped plying. Over 7,000 GSRTC buses are off the roads considering nighttime, parked in various depots of the corporation across the kingdom. “We have been demanding implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission for the ultimate 3 years however the authorities are not heeding our demand,” stated Navalsinh Rana, a GSRTC union chief. “If our demands aren’t met by tonight, we will release an indefinite strike,” Rana said. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani appealed the personnel to name off the strike. “This may be very unfortunate…Their foremost call for is the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission. We have given the Seventh Pay Commission to the employees of profit-making Public Sector Undertakings,” Rupani said, implying that as GSRTC is making heavy losses, its body of workers can’t get the equal advantage. “I might request them to give up the agitation without delay as it’s miles affecting the people of the country. A selection could be taken about their call for of salary hike at the proper time,” the chief minister stated. However, the 3 unions of GSRTC employees, which have shaped a coordination committee for the agitation, maintained that the business enterprise presents an essential provider, and profitability must not be a consideration when handling personnel’ needs.

India has criticized the UN Security Council’s veto-wielding members inside the beyond for obstructing the designation of terrorists without giving any clarification, apparently hitting out at China for again and again blocking off its bid to listing Pakistan-primarily based JeM leader Masood Azhar as an international terrorist.

United Nations: India has said the UN General Assembly ought to take lead in locating answers to the challenges confronted by using the world, slamming the Security Council for “step by step undermining” the authority of the 193-member global body. India’s deputy permanent representative K Nagaraj Naidu said on Monday the developing variety of complicated demanding situations dealing with the world, like those associated with peace and protection, climate change and sustainable development that reduce throughout boundaries and areas can be addressed simplest via an authentic multilateral and participative system. “The General Assembly, that’s the nearest institution to a global parliament, should take the lead in putting the global agenda and in restoring the centrality of the UN in formulating multilateral strategies to resolving transnational issues,” he stated. Naidu stated the revitalization process ought to additionally restore the primacy of the United Nations in development topics. “…The prerogatives and authority of the General Assembly had been steadily undermined with the aid of the Security Council through its common tries to redefine its scope of competence via wider and permissive interpretations of what constitutes a risk to global peace and protection and by way of undertaking discussions on troubles that in reality fall within the purview of the General Assembly,” he said. “A part of the blame for this situation should additionally be taken with the aid of the General Assembly and its member-states for specializing in procedures in preference to addressing the important issues,” he stated in an announcement. The General Assembly ought to be inside the “vanguard of world schedule-putting” and lead the multilateral technique for locating answers to the challenges faced by the sector, Naidu stated. He said the political will and commitment of member states were required to boost the function and authority of the General Assembly as mandated by the UN Charter. “A revitalized General Assembly needs to consciousness on substantive deliberations rather than spending considerable time and resources on procedural issues,” Naidu said. Naidu stated it changed into critical that the main organs of the UN work in synergy with one another while completely respecting their respective mandates given by using the UN Charter. India has criticized the UN Security Council’s veto-wielding individuals inside the past for obstructing the designation of terrorists without giving any clarification, apparently hitting out at China for again and again blocking off its bid to list Pakistan-based totally Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. New Delhi strongly criticized the UN late last yr for its failure to show resolve in sanctioning new Taliban leaders who continue to perpetrate violence and destruction in Afghanistan and aided via the ones harbored in safe havens in its neighborhood, a veiled connection with Pakistan.

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