How to get a gold Chocobo in 9 steps

Everyone wants a gold Chocobo, but they can be tough to come by. With some know-how, you can get your hands on one of these rare and powerful creatures. Here are nine steps to increase your chances of encountering a gold Chocobo.

What are the chances of getting a gold Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV? Here are nine steps to increase your chances of encountering one of these rare creatures. By collecting gold Chocobo feathers, you’ll be well on your way to getting your gold Chocobo in under an hour.


Introduction: Why You Might Want a Gold Chocobo

A gold Chocobo is a Chocobo bred to have a golden-colored plumage. They are scarce and said to be the most beautiful chocobos. Gold chocobos are also the fastest and most potent of all chocobos. If you are lucky enough to find one, you will want to add a gold Chocobo to your collection!

Getting the Gold Chocobo Feathers

There are a total of six Gold Chocobo Feathers in the game, and they can be found in the following locations:

1. Chocobo Ranch – Head to the northwest corner of the ranch to find a small pen. The feather is inside this pen.

2. Battle Square – Win the Chocobo Race mini-game five times to receive the feather as a prize.

3. Mideel Area – After defeating Ultimate Weapon, head to the southeasternmost point of the map to find a man standing by a Chocobo.

4. The Gold Saucer – After completing the Lucid adventure, head to the Gold Saucer and talk to the man standing next to the turquoise symbol to receive the feather.

5. Rocket Town – After getting the Air Board from NeoFinger, go to the north-western point of the map to find a man by a dead tree.

More Tips for Getting a Gold Chocobo

You can do a few things to improve your chances of getting a gold Chocobo. First, try to breed two chocobos with high statistics. Second, make sure to keep your chocobos healthy and well-fed. Third, keep track of which chocobos have mated with each other. Fourth, try to breed chocobos of different colors. Fifth, be patient! All of these tasks need to be done soon.

Once the Pan-Global Chocobos are released into the wild, it will be impossible to get them back. “But,” you ask, “How will I know when they’re ready to mate? How will I know which chocobos are in heat? And how will I know which chocobos have mated?” Good questions. The answer is: You won’t know until they start laying eggs.

How to unlock the Gold Chocobo achievement

Complete the “The Emissary of Z’ha’dum” storyline quest to unlock the Gold Chocobo achievement. Once this quest is completed, you must speak to the Emissary of Z’ha’dum in the Maelstrom. Another Q&A with Xerratiax New invasion force begins transmissions rams a guest post from Xerratiax about the new invasion and how you can help! We have an incoming charge from Z’ha’dum.

Read more. RAMs are beings from another reality or dimension, originating from the Maelstrom. The fleet arrived moments ago and has begun transmitting its findings to us. As one of the few races capable of understanding the…

Getting Gold Chocobo Feathers in Final Fantasy XIV

To get Gold Chocobo Feathers in Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll need to complete the “A Moogle’s Tale” quest given by Mogle. This quest is only available after you’ve completed the investigation “Chocobo on the Loose” and have spoken to Mogle at the Chocobo Ranch in Upper La Noscea.

See the quest’s details below. Reward: 2,000 Gil and a chance at an unknown compensation from Mogle. Requirements: – Chocobo on the Loose must be completed – Must have 5,000 Gil to spend in the auction house (1,000 Gil goes to the first bid, 2,000 Gil goes to the second bid, and so on) – Item to be named: any weapon/magician/consumable (Mogle will give you a free item to

How to get a gold Chocobo without cheat codes

To get a gold Chocobo without cheat codes, purchase one from a vendor and breed it with another Chocobo of the same species. After doing so, you must race the Chocobo and win first place.

Your character will then obtain the achievement, and you can view the replay. For all achievements, see the List of Final Fantasy XV achievements. Glitch There is a known glitch that makes this achievement easier to get. When you first acquire your Chocobo, if you do not feed it anything, then once in a while, when you level up, it will randomly gain anywhere from 1 to 5 levels.

How to get a gold Chocobo in under an hour

You’ll need to do a few things to get a gold Chocobo in under an hour. First, you’ll need to find a Chocobo farm. These are usually located near stables. Once you’ve found a Chocobo farm, speak to the proprietor and ask about renting a Chocobo. They will usually have a few available. Next, you’ll need to purchase some gysahl greens. These can be found at most general stores.

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There are many different types of chocobos, but the gold Chocobo is the rarest and most prized. These beautiful creatures have golden feathers and are said to bring good luck to those who see them. Gold chocobos are also the fastest and most potent chocobos, making them the perfect mount for racing or traveling through rugged terrain. If you’re lucky enough to spot a gold Chocobo, give it a wide berth – they are notoriously shy and will run.

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