How UPI is giving e-bills a run for their cash

What is the reason behind the growing reputation of UPI?

The growing recognition of UPI may be attributed to its simple, safe, cost-powerful, and cell-primarily based payment system. Companies including Paytm, PhonePe, MobiKwik, and GooglePay, alongside a hundred and forty-four banks, additionally offer bills via UPI, which handed cellular wallet payments in terms of the number of transactions and the price. There have been 384.89 million cellular wallet transactions worth ₹15,990 crore in March, compared to 799. Fifty-four million UPI transactions were worth ₹1.33 trillion for the same month. People transfer toward UPI to perform excessive-cost transactions as their attention and comfort grow.


How UPI is giving e-bills a run for their cash 1

What are its advantages?

UPI shall allow a person to switch money across several financial institution debts in real time without revealing information about a beneficiary’s financial institution account. Money can be despatched through one’s mobile smartphone at any time, regardless of a bank’s working hours. Most modes of financial institution-dependent virtual bills are constrained by the time of day and holidays. All one needs for UPI is a sturdy net connection, a phone, and a UPI ID to send funds with a cumulative fee of ₹2 lakh a day or ten transactions worth that quantity. It has been followed as a fee mode with e-trade websites, cab aggregators, and meal-ordering apps.

How quickly is it gaining a reputation?

In April, 781.79 million transactions worth ₹1.42 trillion were made via UPI. This is a massive bounce from the 93,000 transactions when it went stay in August 2016.

How can UPI keep its momentum?

UPI transactions have surged over four times in the last year. But it has extra capability. UPI’s use has broadly been restricted to urban India and smartphone customers because it depends on an internet connection. Internet penetration in India has to be amplified, and digital bills must be popularized. UPI has been a motive force of digital payments, incorporating statements through debit and credit score playing cards, e-wallets, and e-payments. The banking regulator stated a need to innovate payment services for functional telephones.

How is the banking regulator giving UPI and e-payments a push?

The banking regulator recently announced its imagination and prescient for bills in India for 2019-2021, on the way to allow the putting in of safe, secure, reachable, and low-cost charge systems. The idea is to move towards a less-coins society using extra price options for human beings who’ve been untouched using methods. The regulator expects the number of digital transactions to greater than quadruple, from 20.69 billion in December 2018 to 87.07 billion in December 2021.

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