Hungry Girl: No-Cook Sesame Zucchini Noodles

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This recipe changed into made-for-lazy days! Just spiralize a few zucchini, mix up a simple peanut sauce, and allow it to chill. Bonus: Eat the full bowl for under 150 energy.

Cold Sesame Zucchini Noodles

Serves 1

Hungry Girl: No-Cook Sesame Zucchini Noodles 1

1 Tbsp. Decreased-sodium/lite soy sauce
1 ½ tsp. Undeniable rice vinegar
1 ½ tsp. Powdered peanut butter
1 tsp. Sesame oil
Half a packet of herbal, no-calorie sweetener
¼ Tsp. Overwhelmed garlic
⅛ tsp. Floor ginger
10 oz.. (approximately one huge) zucchini
2 Tbsp. Chopped scallions
1 tsp. Sesame seeds
Optional topping: beaten red pepper

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1. add soy sauce, vinegar, powdered peanut butter, sesame oil, sweetener, garlic, and ginger in a small bowl. Whisk with a fork till uniform.
2. Using a spiral vegetable slicer, cut zucchini into spaghetti-like noodles. (Or, honestly, peel zucchini into amazing-skinny strips, rotating the zucchini as you slice it.) Roughly chop for shorter noodles.
Three. Place zucchini noodles in a medium bowl. Add sauce and toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate till chilled, at least 15 mins.
4. Stir properly and pinnacle with scallions and sesame seeds.

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