If the market is good, we are proper, if it is not so right, we are still suitable: Vivek Chaand Sehgal, Motherson Sumi

Q4 is commonly a robust quarter in the automobile sector, but the image this time turned very distinctive. How much has the home slowdown affected your overall performance? Has the entire sluggishness now been factored in on your Q4 performance, or is there more ache predicted with the lag in the coming quarters correctly?
One cannot wager what will manifest within the next zone or the next location on the domestic facet. However, we’ve got all the components that can tell us that people are selecting the proper care and adequate automobile mode for themselves. So, we will observe whatever the market needs. Motherson is the best OEM dealer, and we will react to the market.

If the market is good, we are proper, if it is not so right, we are still suitable: Vivek Chaand Sehgal, Motherson Sumi 1

Many OEMs, which can be your customers, have trimmed their manufacturing in the region they are using. What is the effect that Motherson Sumi felt as a result of that?
If our clients cut down production, that truly impacts our standalone numbers; however, it is very tough to examine and tell you nowadays due to the fact which automobile version goes down is the cause is indeed very tough to guess. We at Motherson recognize the actual state of affairs, study the orders from the clients, and deliver precisely that. In that manner, we strive to find the best outcomes viable.

Could you also highlight the slowdown witnessed inside the global markets and its impact on your enterprise? Is it structural or cyclical?
Once more, it is very tough to predict what the automobile marketplace is going through but allow us to observe the information. There is a rethinking of environmental worries, rethinking at the take a look at processes. So many things are going on globally. Each United States of America is possibly asking at those unique challenges, after which the customers devise approaches and methods to solve troubles.

However, those specific situations also create opportunities for an organization like Motherson. We can then move and select good assets and look forward to the appropriate time to return. Our free cash go-with-the-flow is probably the best this year. So, we have to search for possibilities to develop in difficult situations. Mother-son’s story is always developing by using content material in step with the car. If the market is correct, we are right; we are still precise if it is not so excellent.

Since you bring up the content in line with automobiles, there is a lot of investor worry about an approximately low content increase on the BS-VI transition. Can you clarify that? What will we anticipate going ahead as a part of the transition to BS-VI norms?

What is critical to apprehend is BS-VI. When you’re talking about other nations inside the world, you’ve got loads of new fashions that might be available because they may take over this WLTP problem and such things as that. All our brownfield and greenfield vegetation will be making the modern-day vehicles. So, supply us some other three months, and you see massive development in sales and the whole lot because we’re preparing those particular motors just now as we talk.

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