ITC rating – Hold: Core business concerns limit prospects

Our recent downgrade of ITC to Hold generated tons of debate. Critical points of rivalry had been (i) whether or not we are too conservative in the Cigarette business and perhaps a susceptible inventory price and cheap valuation already factor in any dangers and shortage of boom; (ii) considering whether Other FMCG has to turn out to be a robust enterprise, whether or not we had taken into consideration that fee may be unlocked if ITC has been to restructure or carve out this commercial enterprise or even Hotels; and (iii) how we consider the general investment case. We offer the subsequent mind.


Scenarios for Cigarette enterprise: Cigarettes accounted for eighty-five of ITC’s income in FY21, and the phase’s valuation (i) the hurdle fees for buyers to put money into tobacco (which is implicitly growing). We don’t forget those scenarios: If section Ebit were to be flat for all time, this would constitute Rs seventy-five consistent with share; 4% Ebit growth for the next 15 years earlier than becoming flat would yield Rs 106, and 7% Ebit boom could deliver Rs a hundred thirty-five. Cigarette volumes are in a structural decline (submit-COVID this could get worse). Price elasticity has risen after years of charge increase (fuelling robust profits), and the blend is inferior.

Result: The common EBIT boom charge for the beyond 20 quarters changed into c7% vs. 16 for FY03-14. For the subsequent 15 years, even a 4-five% CAGR can be challenging. A significant dividend yield (4% FY22e) could act as a floor to the general valuation even without being fine structurally.

Scenarios for Other FMCG business: ITC has built a robust Other FMCG enterprise (mainly ingredients) with increasing margins. Consider those situations: (i) If ITC were to boom Other FMCG sales at a 10% CAGR for 15 years (five.5% after that) and enhance its EBITDA margins from nine to even 15% step by step, we estimate it might be worth Rs 47 in line with share; and (ii) if structural revenue boom has been to rise to fourteen% from 10%, it would be well worth Rs seventy-three; this would mean ITC might change at c38x FY24 EV/Ebitda – nonetheless a full-size top rate to the world. Consider the statistics: (i) ITC’s revenue increase for the past ten years turned into c13%, and (ii) most sales are still from the decreased margin meal businesses. While margins are set to enlarge, they won’t attain HPC tiers. We account for an upside threat of cost realization for this enterprise, assigning a valuation of Rs seventy-three according to proportion in our SOTP approach. Hotels appear less meaningful even thinking about fee unlocking in the standard scheme.

Hence, we accept that it is hard to build a case for a giant stock price upside unless buyers are inclined to assign an aggressive valuation to Cigarettes. We keep our Hold and TP of Rs 230.

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