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Dessert - June 13, 2019

Japanese Shaved Ice Is The Dessert You Need To Try This Summer

While different dessert stores might measure their output with the aid of how many scoops of ice cream or dozens of cupcakes they promote in a day, Bonsai Kakigōri has a specific metric: ice. The shaved ice shop is going thru 20 to 30 blocks of ice a DAY. When you want some thing frozen to chill you down this summer, you may understand where to move.

The save’s namesake deal with is Kakigōri, a Japanese dessert that mixes gentle, fluffy shaved ice flakes with syrups and toppings. Since the proprietors like to place a New York City spin on the menu, this model of Kakigōri also happens to be about a foot tall.

Here’s the way it works: Big blocks of ice go through a hand-shaver system which spits out soft shreds of ice. Then, relying on what you order, a layer of ice, syrup or milk, and toppings are delivered on. The system is repeated so that you get another layer of ice rounded into a neat ball and an entire second layer of toppings.


The Matcha Mountain, for example, is covered in matcha syrup (in case you’ve in no way tried it, it tastes like inexperienced tea), rice puffs, and matcha whipped cream. Then there’s the Black Cherry and Cocoa Nib sundae, that is the purple beauty you see inside the image above. It’s blanketed in layers of black cherry syrup, cocoa nibs, cherry whipped cream, and cherry jam.

Right now, there may be a seasonal Kakigōri menu with flavors like Key Lime Pie and Mango and Ginger, too. And if you want some caffeine or some thing slightly more filling, the NYC restaurant serves Japanese-stimulated liquids and breakfast toasts just like the Matcha Milk Jam on Milk Bread.