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Kids - June 13, 2019

Kids with asthma have a blast at special summer season camp

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Life’s all about balance, weighing the a laugh with the opposite stuff and making your manner thru existence.

At this Baton Rouge summer time camp campers are having an excellent time at the same time as gaining knowledge of approximately their barriers.

“So, I’m an allergies educator and my position right here is to make certain that our video games and the matters and the activities that we do can assist educate those youngsters approximately their allergies. So, we want to introduce it to them in a a laugh manner however additionally a learning way,” Trayc Marquette instructed WAFB.

Marquette runs the display at bronchial asthma camp has forty two kids signed up this year. All of them with bronchial asthma. It’s the maximum campers in the six-12 months records of the camp.

“Today, we are gambling on the splash pad hiking and we’re going to look a movie today,” Marquette stated.


Marquette and her crew of counselors run the one week camp through Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and it only prices $10 for the week.

“We need them to know what is asthma. Basically, that the swelling in their airways is there each day, not just when they have a flare up. We additionally need them to understand what the 2 medicines are that they take, a quick comfort medication and a controller medicinal drug,” Marquette stated.

Hiking, playing with friends. All the amusing stuff that youngsters do at summer time camp, they do that too. But with the peace of thoughts for the child’s dad and mom.

That they recognize their asthma.

“We do assessments earlier than the camp, knowledge exams, and we do knowledge tests after the camp,” Marquette stated.

The desire is those campers will come returned with a greater information of what’s happening at the same time as additionally having fun with their buddies.