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LifePod and iHome Announce Strategic Collaboration to Launch Groundbreaking Proactive-Voice Virtual Caregiver Service

BOSTON, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — During CE Week in New York, LifePod Solutions Inc. Announced a strategic collaboration with SDI Technologies Inc. and their iHome division to convey to market a first-of-its-kind proactive-voice carrier designed to improve the excellent of existence for own family and expert caregivers as they screen and help their getting old relatives or healthcare customers managing social isolation, diverse scientific situations or unique needs of their houses.LifePod and iHome Announce Strategic Collaboration to Launch Groundbreaking Proactive-Voice Virtual Caregiver Service 1

The collaboration with LifePod builds on iHome’s records of innovation in home audio and areas of linked client electronics with LifePod’s innovative voice-first. This proactive platform affords a clean-to-use, voice-activated carrier for older adults and others who want care and their caregivers. Unlike traditional voice assistants, LifePod’s Virtual Caregiver provider can be installed and managed using a faraway caregiver. This intuitive online portal delivers personalized voice test-ins, reminders, and virtual companionship.

“Voice is the maximum transformative technology of our lifetime, and focusing our caregiver-controlled, proactive-voice service on serving the needs of older adults and continual care patients is a great health,” stated Stuart R. Patterson, CEO of LifePod Solutions. “SDI Technologies is a super partner to help our launch due to their award-prevailing, smart tool and AI Voice experience and their marvelous history of innovation and tailor-made solutions for the house.”

Addressing the extensive home-healthcare marketplace and the developing virtual health movement catering to out-of-clinic settings, LifePod is the first AI-powered Virtual Caregiver platform and portal as a way to reveal simultaneously and proactively engage family participants and healthcare clients through customized voice activities while presenting real-time indicators, daily reports, and peace of thoughts to the caregiving groups.

“The visionary management crew at LifePod is using the voice industry forward,” said Gary Schultz, Director of Product and Business Development at iHome. “Our strategic collaboration with the LifePod group is flawlessly aligned to construct iHome’s product management in AI Voice. We sit up for extending our platform services with LifePod’s modern-day, proactive-voice carrier, a good way to rework the caregiver industry to help better households, senior living communities, healthcare providers, and vendors.”

LifePod’s proactive Virtual Caregiver provider on an iHome device might be to be had q4.

About iHome

iHome was set up in 2005 as a division of SDI Technologies, a business enterprise with over 60 years of client electronics innovation. Some may be determined in over forty million homes and is presently pioneering a new area of related client electronics with a vast line of AI Voice Assistants helping multiple platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the brand new LifePod Virtual Caregiver from LifePod Solutions.

IHome’s IoT intelligent gadgets and sensors integrate Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Wink, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings. IHome’s line of smart domestic products offers the broadest IoT compatibility in the market.

The first iHome product delivered, an iPod-docking clock radio, became the top-selling iPod accent for 2005 and firmly set up iHome because of the most fulfilling emblem within the audio accessories market. Today, iHome remains a pinnacle-acting brand in virtual participant speakers with an impressive catalog of award-winning products.

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