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Local domestic violence center makes use of satellite office

One of southern Illinois’s best home violence facilities opened its doorways to its satellite office in Harrisburg, Illinois. Its purpose is to stress the impact of services throughout the location.

On Monday afternoon, May thirteen, dozens amassed across the commercial enterprise workplace placed on the northeast facet of Harrisburg for the open residence event. Board participants, survivors, cops, and extra toured the Southern Counties Satellite Offices.

One survivor, sixty-eight-12 months-vintage Sara Lee Riggs, lives 15 minutes from that Harrisburg area. Riggs has been in a domestic violence “state of affairs” on the grounds of 2003.

Local domestic violence center makes use of satellite office 1

“It’s simply fantastic how an awful lot they assist me,” Riggs stated. The Women’s Center is a home violence corporation serving survivors in 8 southern Illinois counties.

The Harrisburg area has no haven like a workplace in Carbondale, Ill… However, the Harrisburg office offers 24/7 free prison advocacy, counseling, and more. For survivors within the southern counties, the ease is a huge advantage.

“If I had to go to Carbondale, I wouldn’t be able to make it; it’s too some distance away,” Riggs stated.

Another survivor, concealing her identity for her safety, values the organization for the smooth right of entry. Debbie is what she desires to be known as. She stated, “The area is convenient because I simply don’t want to power out of town anymore.”

Both women say they are much better people for going to the Women’s Center during their hardships.

“Here, you analyze that lifestyles are happening, and you may be sturdy once more. And you can set goals for yourself and achieve something you put your mind to,” Debbie said.

The Harrisburg workplace offers Saline, Gallatin, and Johnson County areas.

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