Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Old Town Road’ Music Vid

Feast your eyes on the star power to come back that is North West — who dropped her first tune video for Lil Nas’ wreck hit, “Old Town Road.” I have to say the children were given skills.

Kim Kardashian posted the video to social media Tuesday, captioning it … “What we do on maternity go away… Directed and Choreographed through North.” The home video begins with North filming her mom inside their home but takes the middle level herself.

Donning a cowboy hat and an outfit that appears Jessie-esque, a Los Angeles “Toy Story,” North busts out a few candy actions … And gets a few pretty quality near-u along the way.

Makes Directorial Debut With 'Old Town Road' Music Vid 1

Look, it is glaringly not speculated to be a brutal tune video — the actual one for ‘OTR’ is losing Friday — however; it is a helluva first step for North, who are tested to be quite the artiste … And without a doubt now not one to turn away from the digital camera. That’s a good deal she’s made apparent.

It’s interesting … North seems to be following in the footsteps of another younger, famous tyke who has been making some inventive waves herself — Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy. It was recently found out that Blue helped choreograph one of Beyonce’s Coachella dance numbers, as seen on the brand new Netflix documentary about the build as much as the display.

Talented kiddos right here.

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