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Manitoulin Transport makes logistics acquisition in British Columbia

Toronto’s primarily based transportation business enterprise Manitoulin Transport has announced the acquisition of Trident Freight Logistics of Surrey, British Columbia.

Manitoulin Transport makes logistics acquisition in British Columbia 1

The agency’s first logistics buy-in B.C., Manitoulin said the acquisition could support the countrywide scope of its logistics department.

Gord Smith, CEO of Manitoulin Group of Companies, said: “We are usually looking to build out our supply chain offerings to ensure Manitoulin Group of Companies gives a countrywide scope with all of our services. Trident is an exceptional suit, and we are very pleased to bring into Manitoulin an agency that demonstrates a commitment to their clients and high-quality carrier.”

Manitoulin described Trident as having over 20 years of logistics experience in the mining, heavy equipment, steel and pipe, and rail avenue industries.

Mike Davies, founder and president of Trident Freight Logistics Inc., Said: “Joining Manitoulin is an exciting possibility for Trident’s clients. We are thrilled to end up a part of a company that we sense positive will keep providing the diploma of care and service that we’ve supplied through the years and which can also offer our customers a smooth right of entry to many additional providers of services which can greatly advantage their commercial enterprise.”

Manitoulin similarly explained Trident’s knowledge changed into lengthy haul movements within Canada and the United States, transporting over-dimensional and temperature-controlled masses, conveyance, and tasks.
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Disabled and elderly transportation offerings have advanced a lot nowadays. As thethe authorities are also exceeding new laws, services have become extra for older people and people with disabilities. Many alternatives are available that assist those humans to travel in fashion and maintain a normal, pleasurable lifestyle. Various agencies offer lower priced and convenient services for disabled and older adults, supporting them in being unbiased and journeying accurately for their needs like going to a physician, shopping for groceries, or attending a social occasion. Such services now not only assist them in traveling competently from one area to another but also lead them to experience assured. Here is how you should select disabled and elderly transportation services for your loved ones:

– The employer needs to have an excellent customer support record. – The enterprise you’re inclined to select needs to have a robust customer service report. Its drivers have to be well-trained and know how to engage with and help disabled and aged human beings. They must be courteous and respectful and treat clients with compassion and care. You need to research and study online reviews and testimonials to understand how the company operates and its unique services.

– The Company has to cater to your precise needs – The organization should apprehend your specific desires and be willing to offer services according to your requirements. It should provide door-to-door pick-out and drop-off offerings and wheelchair assistance if required. The business enterprise must also make extra efforts to deliver excellent services in an emergency.

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