Serbia to Host Slavic Brotherhood Military Exercise

Paratroopers from Serbia will join elite counterparts from Russia and Belarus for this 12 months’ Slavic Military Brotherhood workout over thirteen days between June 14 and 27 in Pancevo, in northern Serbia.

“About six hundred troops, such as more than two hundred people from Russian Airborne Forces, approximately 300 human beings from the Serbian Armed Forces, and as much as 60 infantrymen from Belarus, as well as more than 50 combat automobiles, will participate within the workout,” the Russian Defence Ministry said.

The drill could be held at the bottom of the Special Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces in Pancevo, north of Belgrade.

The Russian ministry introduced that a unique ceremony can be held at the start of the operations, consisting of elevating flags, a parade of the navy system, and an exhibition of weapons.

The Serbian Defence Ministry has not confirmed this because it has not yet posted any data on the drill on its website. It did not reply to questions from BIRN about the exercise by the time of the ebook.

However, this would no longer be the first time Serbia has participated in a Slavic Brotherhood workout. Elite Serbian troops joined a comparable drill in 2018 in Novorossiysk in Russia and other exercises in previous years.

“It is an awesome modality of cooperation that enables the trade of enjoying among participants of elite army devices,” a file from the 2017 drill, posted on the Serbian ministry website, said.

Serbian navy expert Nikola Lunic said participation in military physical games is the most critical way of enhancing interoperability.

“The approaching Slavic Brotherhood – 2019 exercising can generate an excellent evaluation of the counter-terrorism idea of other countries, even as viewing its personal experiences, skills, and comparative analysis, and advance trendy operational strategies in the fight towards the terrorism,” the retired naval captain and director of the Belgrade-based NGO Council for Strategic Policy advised BIRN.

However, as he defined it, Serbia cooperates militarily more with NATO than Russia. Since 2006, when Serbia joined the NATO Partnership for Peace application, PfP, Serbia has participated in over 150 army sporting activities with NATO member states. The wide variety of joint exercises with Russia became ten times smaller.

“This tells us approximately a strategic technique [by Serbia] toward the mechanisms of building interoperability manifesting via association with the neighboring NATO member nations,” Lunic stated.

He delivered that the media photograph of near army cooperation with Russia in Serbia became highly inaccurate. “Direct selection-makers within the defense system and their Russophile media narratives are liable for this,” Lunic explained.

In 2013 Serbia became a non-member observer nation within the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization, CSTO.

Serbia to Host Slavic Brotherhood Military Exercise 1

On May 20, addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the CSTO, the Deputy Speaker of the Serbian parliament, Veroljub Arsic, thanked its member states for their help to Serbia over the issue of Kosovo, whose independence Serbia rejects. Arsic stated Belgrade welcomed their “continued principled assist on the Kosovo-Metohija depend and non-popularity of its unilaterally declared independence”.

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