New The Lower East Side Japanese dessert spot Bonsai Kakigōri opens its doors

A new cafe and Japanese spot, presenting cakes and more, has debuted within the neighborhood. Located at a hundred Stanton St. Within the Lower East Side, the brand new addition is Bonsai Kakigōri.

New The Lower East Side Japanese dessert spot Bonsai Kakigōri opens its doors 1

Time Out New York states that the new commercial enterprise’s proprietors have been peddling kakigōri – or Japanese shaved ice – at stands in the Canal Street Market and Smorgasburg marketplace. With this new area, Bonsai Kakigōri receives its first stand-alone storefront, where you may locate mounds of sweet, frozen treats in classic and seasonal flavors. Bonsai Kakigōri additionally gives hot liquids and savory snacks.

The new arrival has gotten an enthusiastic reaction, with a five-star score out of 5 evaluations on Yelp.

Carol L., who became the first Yelpers to study the brand new spot on May five, wrote, “This vicinity is first-rate. From the lightness of the whipped cream to the specific special crunchy toppings that include each flavor, each kakigōri I attempted became perfect.”

Yelper James D. Added, “The new Bonsai Kakigōri on Stanton Street is exceptional. The team over there’s, without a doubt, approximately pinnacle-notch hospitality. You need to run over and revel in it.”

Swing on by taking a peek: Bonsai Kakigōri is open from 9 a.m. to–10 p.m. On weekdays and at ten a.m. M.–middle of the night on weekends.

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