‘Not a single gram of goldlacking from Sabarimala’: TDB president clarifies

No gold or silver is missing from the study room of the Sabarimala temple, clarified Travancore Devaswom President A Padmakumar in a press meeting held on Monday. Padmakumar’s declaration came in response to court cases that gold and silver provided via devotees to the temple had long gone and had allegedly gone past missing.

‘An audit was performed inside the Aranmula robust room of Sabarimala, and 10,413 items were inspected. According to the Executive Officer’s record, there had been no indicators of gold or silver missing from the temple,” Padmakumar stated in his press meeting.

Complaints that records of 40 kgs of gold and 100 kgs of silver provided at the time, seeing that 2017 has been lacking, had brought on a massive controversy.

According to the temple protocol, buyers or devotees get hold of a 3A receipt after donating objects. This info is then recorded in a sign-in of the temple. When these objects are moved to the solid rooms for storage, their miles are again recorded inside the register. The ‘missing’ information for the 40 kg of gold and 100 kg of silver triggered a fresh audit of items.

At 10 a.m. on Monday, a court-appointed audit group, led by senior auditor Pratap Kumar, inspected the Mahasar facts of the items. Nine files, including robust room data, have been submitted for inspection at the government workplace.

According to Padmakumar, all 10,413 items have been audited. Of these five,270 audits had been achieved by the TDB earlier.

“When a senior officer retires, the person that replaces him must be briefed and exceeded overall records. This has not been happening in Sabarimala for numerous years. There have been some extreme lapses inside the TDB,” Padmakumar disclosed.

The TDB president also said the board will bring reforms to the temple management.

‘Not a single gram of goldlacking from Sabarimala’: TDB president clarifies 1

“We are discussing the opportunities of digitizing the data of the temple. These are age-vintage records, and manually auditing them is tough. Sometimes, lapses in recording the offerings occur unintentionally; now and then, they’re intentional. However, replacing the missing items isn’t sufficient. We are considering registering crook instances against officials who devote such lapses,” he said.

Padmakumar also delivered that irregularities arise when sensitive objects fabricated from gold chips off while taken out to be used after a long term. “Sometimes parts of the gadgets come off, and they’re changed with iron alternatively. This is inaccurate, but irregularities show up in this type of way as properly,” he stated.

Regarding the debate, the TDB president said the allegations were completely baseless.

“These reports must never have surfaced inside the first location. They are with no basis,” he said.

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