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Office Services - June 15, 2019

OPM on endangered species list, again

House Democrats have reacted with horror to the Trump administration’s plan to send most of the work and workers on the Office of Personnel Management to the General Services Administration. Federal unions have additionally denounced the plan which they see as part of the management’s drain-the-swamp marketing campaign to undermine long-standing civil carrier regulations.

Earlier this week the House Appropriations Committee approved $43.Four million for OPM, to lose $70 million when its history investigations operation is transferred to the Defense Department on the begin of the brand new financial yr.

But like lots of factors in Washington D.C., it wasn’t always that way. OPM, now regarded as a need to-store enterprise, became once the primary target in a conflict on waste, pink tape and outdated practices.

OPM by culture and feature doesn’t have many friends in Congress. Unlike many different federal agencies — Interior, Commerce, HUD, Defense, Agriculture, EPA — OPM doesn’t have a big fan base. Outside of federal enclaves, OPM has about the identical public name recognition because of the Marine Mammal Commission.

Ask a friend or relative who doesn’t work for Uncle Sam what OPM, as soon as known as the Civil Service Commission, does. Then pass take a sleep.
But OPM is important — and commonly does a terrific task — serving and defensive, to a degree, the federal staff, which is why so many that understand its task need to see it depart.

Back within the Clinton years, a number of the identical politicians and people who these days are combating to save the business enterprise had been cheering because the White House chopped OPM’s team of workers with the aid of nearly 50%. Workers had been offered $25,000 buyouts, early retirement and in the end, folks who wouldn’t go away had been fired in discount-in-force movements.

The plan additionally moved investigations out of doors of OPM and assured a one-of-a-kind taxpayer-funded agreement to the newly privatized unit. The concept became for OPM to guide the way in pleasurable President Clinton’s promise that “the era of big government is over.” It labored in that approximately 250,000 federal jobs disappeared.

The largest-ever downsizing was carried out under the National Performance Review program headed with the aid of then-Vice President Al Gore. Backers say it removed waste and crimson tape and stored taxpayers billions. Critics stated it became a largely political application that demonized government people. Mid-manner throughout the attempt, then OPM Director James B. King wrote an assignment statement outlining where the downsizing application turned into and in which, with the approval of Congress, it became head.
This is it:

Office of Personnel Management — James B. King, Director — Mission Statement:
The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) serves the general public by means of presenting human resource control management and great offerings that protect and improve the merit system of government in partnership with other federal agencies and their personnel, in addition to through operating the federal government’s fantastically regarded health, insurance, and retirement packages.

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