Over 40,000 People Have Viewed This three-Ingredient Cookie Recipe

Imagine the scene: you’ve were given guests coming over for dinner, and also you forgot to whip up a deal with for dessert. Well, there’s no need to panic or shoot over to the grocery store—you probable have all of the components you need to make this buttery shortbread cookie recipe. In under forty minutes, you may make a sweet deal with that even your pickiest loved ones will like. Originating in Scotland, shortbread cookies are an easy classic concerning simply three foremost components: butter, sugar, and flour. Just add this brief recipe to the listing of kitchen shortcuts you’ll want you knew quicker.

Not satisfied yet? The data speaks for itself: 41,000 people have clicked at the recipe from our sister web page Taste of Home considering the fact that January 2019. Over half of the reviews give noticeably excessive reward for this test kitchen-authorized cookie. “My grandmother who changed into born in Scotland made hers with powdered sugar, flour, and butter,” says one reader, Lani, within the reviews. “They are delicious as I guess these can be.”


Unlike recipes that come with a long list of substances, each wealthy flavor is very wonderful in this 3-component recipe. And, with maximum components possibly in reach, this recipe is a no-brainer whilst that sugar craving kicks in—it’s so simple, it would be tough to even commit any of these baking errors you likely make with your different dessert recipes.

The recipe makes sixteen cookies, which you may delivery out of your steamy oven at once onto this cord cooling rack to chill earlier than digging in. Ready to indulge in a little greater nostalgia? Then whip up a number of those recipes like grandma used to make to go with your shortbread cookies!

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