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Lifestyle - June 13, 2019

Palm Harbor house owners say hurricane water runoff is ruining their waterfront lifestyle

PALM HARBOR, Fla. — Residents in Palm Harbor say typhoon water runoff is ruining their waterfront lifestyles, and they are bored with it.

“We love the sunshine. We love the weather and we love the water,” stated Baywood Village homeowner Bryan Nartowicz.

Florida living introduced Bryan Nartowicz from Colorado to Palm Harbor.

“We got a storm rain proper right here and whilst it rains, it washes out all this nasty stuff,” he explained. “We’ve got grass cuttings and trash and toys. It’s simply, it’s non-stop,” he said.

Trash, grass clippings and plastic pours out of this typhoon water drain clogging his canal in Baywood Village off Westwinds Drive.

“All the silt builds up and you can almost stroll across from right here to there on a low tide,” said Nartowicz.


There’s a lot sediment, he can’t begin his boat or jet ski. His round the corner neighbor is excessive and dry too.

“I’m close to retirement and I’d like to spend extra time on the water,” said Dave Brown

Brown says the sediment buildup has gotten worse over the last two years.

“It’d be fine if they may determine out wherein that’s coming from and get it sorted,” he said.

We alerted Pinellas County to their hassle and hurricane water officials say they’ve created a work order to investigate.

“It accumulates an increasing number of each rain typhoon,” said Nartowicz.

The county is also reminding friends no longer to sell off some thing into their storm water drains, along with yard waste.

“It makes me disappointed because you buy a bit of belongings and you can’t use it the manner you want to,” stated Nartowicz.

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