Parineeti Chopra reveals she owes Kesari’s Akshay Kumar money, the items she acquired from Nick at Priyanka’s wedding ceremony

Kesari actors Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show to sell their upcoming movie. Here are some tidbits from their conversations that have made their manner to the net.Parineeti Chopra reveals she owes Kesari’s Akshay Kumar money, the items she acquired from Nick at Priyanka’s wedding ceremony 1

Parineeti and Akshay spoke approximately at the back of the scenes, a laugh they had on Kesari units, the gift that Parineeti received from Nick Jonas. They joked about how his friend flirted along with her at the wedding — all maintaining in with the light tone of the display.

According to a document in, Parineeti had to be on her feet to match up to Akshay regarding punctuality. She discovered how Akshay might stand outdoors in her conceitedness van and anticipated her to come out for the shoot. She stated that she became in awe of his field.

They also had a lot of amusement in the units. Parineeti revealed how the two could play poker on sets at some point during their unfastened time and how Akshay beat her frequently at the game. In truth, she owed him a variety of money, too, thanks to the sport. She also currently tweeted an image of her giving him money.

They also spoke of what they’re terrified of – Parineeti said she had a phobia of snakes, while Akshay said he changed into frightened of his spouse Twinkle Khanna the most.

According to a file in Times Now, Kapil also requested Parineeti approximately the large, fats wedding of her cousin Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas in December of the remaining year. He asked her if she was given cash in INR or USD, to which Parineeti said that not only did she get a lot of money, but she was given it in both INR and USD. She added that she also was given diamonds.

In fact, after the wedding, Parineeti even tweeted about it. She wrote: “To all those speculating the joota hiding money – you know nothing!! All I can say is – you’re wrong!!!!! Haha. Nick was MORE THAN CRAZY HUGELY MADLY GENEROUS! No phrases. He was still reeling. Phew. He shocked us
The banter didn’t prevent there – Kapil asked any of Nick’s pals to flirt with her throughout the wedding, to which Parineeti stateside. She reportedly joked: “Line to mara par Maine line di Nahi! (They flirt with me, but I don’t pay them attention.)

Kesari, which releases on March 21 (Holi), tells the story of 21 Sikh soldiers of the thirty-sixth Sikh Regiment of the British Indian Army who took on the might of 10,000 Pashtun tribe members in 1897 in a place called Saragarhi, now in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan.

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