Prince Royce on How Music and Soccer Bring the ‘Passion’ Out in People (Exclusive)

The 30-12 months-vintage crooner is set to headline the 2019 Major League Soccer All-Star Weekend, kicking off the week-long festivities with a free concert offered by means of Target on Saturday, July 27 at Wall Street Plaza in Orlando, Florida.

Shortly after the information of his special show turned into introduced, ET hopped at the smartphone with the Latin heartthrob, who could not assist however explicit his pleasure approximately being a part of the MLS All-Star activities, in addition to shared what fans can expect, now not only from his performance, however his impending album as properly.


Prince Royce: I have a manager who I in no way see him be a fanboy or groupie for whatever, until we begin talking about football. He loves soccer, any opportunity, soccer-related he’s like, “Oh my god, you need to do that!” So we began running with MLS a while back. I sang the national anthem at a Real Madrid v. Barcelona recreation, which was a completely emotional second. Those video games are notable. That was when we began to get into football. I were given into football just within the ultimate two, 3 years, following the games due to my supervisor. Little through little, we started out operating extra with them and did a commercial these days. I think it is high-quality. I’m honored to be the first headliner in this superb MLS All-Star Weekend. Orlando has proven me so much love. I accomplish that many concert events there, the human beings have exceptional electricity and that they have a huge Latin community there.

What approximately football do you like and how has it impacted your existence?

I think it’s extraordinary to peer soccer blended with track because they have one similar aspect: ardour. Growing up, I could watch people watch the World Cups, as an instance, you notice the bar trashed up, human beings are ingesting, they have their jerseys on and I constantly questioned what’s it that drives these humans to be so passionate. And you can see that it’s only a great sport, own family-orientated and music is the identical manner. You see human beings in live shows crying, you spot them singing, and for me, it is notable to go to Orlando and feature a awesome weekend. I’m going to the game as nicely, so I’m excited for that, to get to sit back and chill.

[As far as how soccer impacted my life], I grew up in New York, in which it is very Dominican, very baseball, basketball-based totally, so I started out getting into football approximately two, 3 years ago and it’s a exceptional game. I’ve met greats from Cristiano Ronaldo to David Beckham. It’s always incredible to satisfy these guys who are those legends in football. I can’t say that soccer has immediately stimulated me in tune, however it’s absolutely some thing that evokes me to maintain to do track and continue working with sports. I suppose sports and tune drive people, it’s amusement. It’s the sort of hard aspect to do, simply the bodily components of it. These men are walking miles and miles and they’re like machines. It’s very inspiring to me to peer how soccer gamers stay in shape and it is a lifestyle.

For many people, soccer is a way to de-pressure and relax. What helps you get inside the right kingdom of thoughts?

The right state of thoughts, being attentive to music. Sometimes before a concert, I take a shot or a drink — I do not know if soccer gamers do this [laughs]. But with a lot occurring in the international, when I think about concert events and sports activities and amusement in wellknown, I suppose it is a place wherein human beings visit forget about things. To forget about about paintings, to overlook about anything troubles they’re going thru. They take their households, they take their kids and I think this is the awesome component approximately this. It’s simply an All-Star Weekend to have amusing, enjoy Orlando. There’s going to be human beings flying in from all around the united states of america. For me, it is a pride to carry happiness to human beings. That’s what tune brings to people, that’s what soccer brings to human beings. So I am right here to carry more joy to people.

What can enthusiasts anticipate out of your show?

Fans can count on a number of interaction with the target audience. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be warm and humid and I am geared up! I am prepared to exit to Orlando, have some amusing, revel in the city. My lovers can usually count on a brilliant display from my part. I am excited to fulfill new fans and dangle with the antique lovers who have supported me for see you later.

You have an album, Alter Ego, coming out soon. You’ve described it as ambitious. What else can you inform us approximately it?

Yes, it’s a very bold album. I am calling it Alter Ego and it’ll include a one-of-a-kind vibe. I have been working on it for some time. I released three songs to this point, “El Clavo” with Maluma, “Adicto” with Marc Anthony and simply these days, these days, “Cúrame” with Manuel Turizo. He’s an up-and-coming child who’s very gifted. He truely rings a bell in my memory plenty of myself when I met him. Very cool youngster. So we were given a whole lot of cool collaborations with this album with a purpose to possibly come out in the fall. So I am excited to put it out. With each album, you want to do new matters and that is what it’s miles with this one. I’m just starting up and doing new things and sudden the target audience.

What about it’ll surprise your lovers the most? Is this a new Prince Royce?

Not a brand new Prince Royce, however every other aspect of Prince Royce, another technique to Prince Royce. I assume all of us have one-of-a-kind faces and I assume that this album may be the many faces of Prince Royce. That is what the idea of the album is. I’m nevertheless running on loads of it. I’m without a doubt excited to place out new music. It’s usually fun whilst you’re releasing new track, for me at least.

Now, as a married man [he wed Shadowhunters actress Emeraude Toubia], how has that new bankruptcy to your lifestyles impacted your profession and track?

I became writing love songs after I was sixteen and wild! Nothing has changed, I suppose marriage is a stunning factor and it’s something this is part of developing up. Not much has modified, which I suppose is pretty appropriate. I’m sure it’ll have an effect on the track, why no longer?

Tying it back, football has a long records with a slew of greats and legends. What legacy do you desire to leave behind for your family and fanatics?

I hope to depart a tremendous have an effect on with my network, with my peers and with my fanatics. I need people to don’t forget me on this international, like, “Man, what a fab dude Royce became.” Coming from the Bronx, I grew up within the initiatives [in a] low-income own family, I recognise what a number of human beings go through — I think I as a minimum recognise what people undergo. I just want to depart a wonderful effect and hope people bear in mind me as a person who chases desires.

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