Recipe Exchange: Our new dessert fave

It’s a treat from the Aloha State, and I expect that simply one chew will do it. Hallie’s recipe turns into your preferred dessert.

Our thanks go to Hallie, a Punahou School grad, to her mother-in-law, who additionally happens to be my precise buddy, Crystal, and, Last but not least, thanks to Hallie’s mom, Heidi.

Rumor has it that another Punahou graduate, who, like Hallie, has transplanted himself to the mainland, additionally, is fond of this recipe. Yes, President Barack Obama is partial to the Punahou School’s Carmel Cuts, and that’s a reality.

Recipe Exchange: Our new dessert fave 1

Hallie’s recipe is exceptional for a crowd. It does make to plenty of batters. I used a big offset spatula to flippantly unfold the batter over a properly greased nine ½” x 16 ½ “x ¾” rimmed baking sheet. Next time, I’ll layer an outfitted piece of well-greased parchment paper to the lowest of my well-greased baking sheet.

I assume I barely overcooked those caramel cuts at 23 minutes inside the oven. Next time, I’ll be quicker about checking their doneness. I may also strive for four eggs instead of three. I suppose I’ll apply three cups of flour.

However, despite my less-than-best baking, Hallie’s recipe was smooth and delicious. We can’t beat that.

Punahou School’s Caramel Cuts from Hallie with technique barely adjusted by me

1 cup butter

three ½ cups brown sugar

3-four eggs

One ¼ teaspoon vanilla

three – 3 ½ cups flour

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

¾ cup chopped nuts, optional

Preheat oven to 350 levels. Generously grease a huge rimmed baking sheet. Set apart.

Place brown sugar in a big bowl.

Melt butter in a saucepan to the boiling point. Pour hot butter over the brown sugar. Blend the two with a timber spoon.

Very lightly beat the eggs with a fork. Pour eggs into warm brown sugar/butter mixture and mix. Add the vanilla and mix the combination collectively.

Mix the flour and baking powder. Add these blended dry elements to the brown sugar/butter combination. Blend all with the timber spoon till nicely blended. Fold chopped nuts, if used, into the aggregate.

Pour batter onto a big-rimmed baking sheet that has been properly greased. Spread batter lightly in a pan. Bake 20-half-hour. Do no longer overbake. Cool for numerous minutes, then reduce into small squares.

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