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Reviewing LHC Group Inc. (LHCG)’s and Its Peers results

We compare LHC Group Inc. (NASDAQ: LHCG) and its peers on their chance, analyst pointers, profitability, institutional possession, dividends, Reviewing LHC Group Inc. (LHCG)’s and Its Peers results 1income, and valuation. They are Home Health Care corporations competing with each other. Insider and Institutional Ownership LHC Group Inc. Has 96% of its shares held via institutional investors and an average of 90.38% institutional ownership for its peers. 1.3% of LHC Group Inc. Stocks are held through agency insiders. Comparatively, 1.02% of all Home Health Care Corporation’s stocks are held through agency insiders. Profitability In the first table, we have LHC Group Inc. And its friends’ net margins, which go back to fairness and return on the property. Net Margins Return on Equity Return on Assets LHC Group Inc. Three.51% five.Ninety% three.80% Industry Average 4.51% 22.52% 9.88% Valuation & Earnings In the following table, we are contrasting LHC Group Inc. And its peers’ valuation, pinnacle-line sales, and net profits.

Net Income Gross Revenue Price/Earnings Ratio LHC Group Inc. Sixty-three. 57M 1.81B 61.54 Industry Average sixty-three. 87M 1.41B 42.70 LHC Group Inc. Has better revenue and P/E Ratio than its peers. With a presently higher P/E ratio, LHC Group Inc. It is more highly priced than its competition. Analyst Rating Table three shows the breakdown of new rankings for LHC Group Inc. And its friends. Sell Ratings Hold Ratings Buy Rating Rating Score LHC Group Inc. Zero three four 2.57 Industry Average zero.00 3.33 2.60 2.71 $116.43 is the consensus rate target of LHC Group Inc., with a capability upside of 4.33%. As a collection, Home Health Care organizations have an ability upside of 7. Sixty seven%. Based on the records brought earlier, the analysts’ opinion is that LHC Group Inc.’s friends are looking more favorable than the inventory itself.

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