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Senate committee advances Cabaniss’ nomination to be OPM director

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday, without difficulty, superior the nomination of Dale Cabaniss, the President’s choice to be the new Office of Personnel Management director.

Cabaniss’ nomination moved without debate, although three senators, including Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Ranking Member Gary Peters (D-Mich.), voted in the competition.

Senate committee advances Cabaniss’ nomination to be OPM director 1

Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Jacky Rosen (D-Nevada) also voted “no.”

The committee on Wednesday also moved the nomination for Michael Wooten, the President’s selection to lead the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.

Both nominations will visit the Senate floor for a vote.

Cabaniss might be the second permanent OPM director in less than three years if shown. She’ll update Margaret Weichert, who has served concurrently as the organization’s appearing director and permanent deputy director for control of the Office of Management and Budget for the past six months. Weichert temporarily changed Jeff Pon, the administration’s first everlasting OPM director. He left all of a sudden, closing in October.

Cabaniss could lead OPM at a time of uncertainty and a splendid transition. This week, the Trump administration has been making a case for its proposed OPM reorganization, which might pass a maximum of the enterprise’s current functions to the General Services Administration. The suggestion also recommends building out OMB’s Office of Performance and Personnel Policy with three extra personnel.

The American Federation of Government Employees overdue ultimate week advised the committee to oppose Cabaniss’ nomination, citing employee engagement rankings on the Federal Labor Relations Authority throughout her tenure on the enterprise as a cause for the difficulty.

The union additionally argued Cabaniss didn’t admire OPM’s task, which AFGE stated changed into especially alarming because the administration actions forward with its reorganization proposal.

“AFGE is running to protect OPM and to save you this reckless action from going ahead, but if some or all the management’s plan is achieved, to prevent worst-case-scenario final results, it will likely be crucial to have a director of OPM who appreciates the benefit device and the civil carrier,” Alethea Predeoux, AFGE’s legislative director, wrote in a May 7 letter to the Senate committee. “Dale Cabaniss’s report demonstrates that she no longer has the requisite features to serve in any such capability.”

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