Slow style party

Do you know where your garments come from and where they go when you finish them?

Green Skills wants you to do that at its Slow Fashion Festival this weekend.

The competition will have fun and sustainable fashion and train people to approximately nearby homemade and upcycled alternatives in Albany.

Green Skills venture officer Rachel Pontin said the idea came from research using Jane Milburn, a sustainability representative, who determined Australians bought 27kg of textiles every 12 months and threw 23kg into landfills — placing microplastics into the air, soil, and water.

“Slow style is a go back to buying fine natural fiber garb that lasts for longer and maintaining existing clothes in a stream as opposed to sending them to the landfill as the ‘fast style’ industry does,” she said.

Slow style party 1

“This event goals to elevate humans’ attention approximately the impact of rapid style, empower human beings with data and realistic abilities, and show off the sustainable neighborhood options available to us within the Great Southern.”

The festival might be held at Fossicker’s Shed at the back of the Tip Shop, Hanrahan Road Tip Site.

Mr. Chester collects 50 wool bales of 2nd-hand apparel from nearby op shops every week that would, in any other case, go to landfill and redistribute to communities in need and different reuse tasks.

A row of bales could be left in the area for the competition so network participants can see the scale of clothing waste in Albany.

There could be workshops and two fashion parades on the day, food and espresso trucks, a clothing swap desk, and local market stalls selling upcycled or sustainable garb and jewelry.

Attendees can deliver as many as five objects to the clothes change table to alternate.

A style parade will run at 1 pm and 3 pm and function as domestically made clothing and upcycled coffee pod jewelry.

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