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Tahoe Forest Hospital rolls out new customer service program

Paying your hospital payments ought to get easier with Tahoe Forest Hospital’s new customer support application designed to higher serve their sufferers.

“We have put in area a navigation team to truly connect with you,” said Harry Weiss, chief executive officer of Tahoe Forest Hospital. A customer service group he said “that truely no medical institution within the world has.”


Over the final sixteen years the health facility been operating to create a high-appearing fitness business enterprise with focus of patient protection, fine care and patient pride, said Crystal Betts, chief economic officer of Tahoe Forest Hospital.

“We’ve accomplished notable at patient satisfaction, safety and pleasant care,” she said. “What we truely haven’t been outstanding at is supporting you, the patient, with navigating the monetary fitness machine.”

The sanatorium employed seven new personnel, five new monetary purchaser services representatives and economic counselors. Betts stated they required all new personnel to get certifications to make certain they completely apprehend their process features. All of the financial customer service representatives had been required to get their Revenue Cycle Integrity Professional certifications inside six months of being employed while the financial counselors needed to get their Revenue Cycle Specialist certifications within twelve months.



The new software is now utilising a unmarried smartphone variety (530-582-3598) for customers to call with any questions about their clinical payments consisting of an estimate of services or to workout any troubles with their insurance businesses.

“We wanted to ensure you had one cellphone range to call. No greater guessing,” stated Betts.

Due to the complexity of the health machine, Betts stated it’s probably to get a bill that doesn’t come directly from Tahoe Forest Hospital. “It is probably from the ambulance provider or the anesthesiologist or radiologist,” she stated.

With the brand new program Betts stated customer support representatives will be available to connect patients with the proper humans to quick solve problems that arise.

“Instead of finger pointing we need that will help you right then and there,” she stated. “That’s what makes us particular.”

Following a “quiet release” of this system in October, the hosptial began surveying customer phone requires those inclined to participate. Out of those calls the average score on their customer support survey was a 7.5 out of nine, with an usual carrier level of eighty three percentage, above the industry provider level of eighty percentage.

When designing the program Betts said they located that most of the internal group was uncertain of in which to direct their sufferers to when they had query concerning their payments.

“The first people we need to teach about our program is our personal personnel,” she stated.

To do so, the hospital invested in academic sheets, as well as education periods, so all employees are higher ready to cope with a patient’s billing issues.

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