Trader Joe’s is selling kunefe, a Middle Eastern dessert with an Instagram-worthy cheese pull

Few desserts offer the same comforting endure hug of warmth and deliciousness that a slice of kunefe can offer. This gooey, stretchy Middle Eastern deal includes a crispy exterior of kataifi (shredded phyllo dough) and melty cheese indoors. That all then got sopping wet in a floral syrup and garnished with many pistachios to offer a festival of textures, flavors, and multi-function chew.

Growing up in a Middle Eastern church, kunefe has always been one of my favored cakes. It’s also one of the most tough obtainable to get right, as everything must be in the correct ratios and cooked to perfection. While I typically go away with this technology and magic up to the way extra-talented bakers at my church, there may be seemingly a model of kunefe at Trader Joe’s that makes this sweet way extra handy.

Folks have been recognizing kunefe within the freezer segment of Trader Joe’s for the past four days or so, which, to be honest, surprised me. Kunefe is a pretty niche dessert, even though it’s gained a reputation on Instagram, especially with Turkish and Middle Eastern bills. Sure, that cheese pull makes it desirable, but I had no concept that there was sufficient attraction for a significant grocer to create their own tackle.

Trader Joe's is selling kunefe, a Middle Eastern dessert with an Instagram-worthy cheese pull 1

In phrases of similarities, it seems like the Trader Joe’s team caught quite near how kunefe is generally made. The outer crusts are made from kataifi, while the interior blends mozzarella and myzithra, a ricotta-like cheese crafted from sheep or goat milk.

Inside the package deal also comes a small amount of floor pistachios for garnish and a packet of syrup to soak the entire pastry in as soon as it’s baked. Thus, the total kunefe revel is now in freezer form, making this dessert way more on hand to the average American customer.
While I have not taken this kunefe on a test run yet, I’m curious how near this Trader Joe’s version comes to the actual component. Stay tuned.

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