Unique document-breaking elephant photograph created with cans destined for meals bankBy Rachel SilverPublished 18 March 2019

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DoorDash (USA) has set a new document for the largest canned meals mosaic (image), with an picture of an elephant using hundreds of cans destined for food banks.

The epic feat passed off on the Santa Monica Pier on Friday 1 March in which DoorDash representatives created a large, colourful photograph of an African bush elephant the use of more than 6,500 cans of food.

The occasion changed into in part of the logo’s Project DASH initiative, targeted on tackling the food waste and hunger epidemic in the United States.

Measuring 6.70 m (22 ft) x 7.Eighty two m (25 toes. Eight in) and weighing more than 2,700 kg (6,000 lb), the photograph of represented the sheer weight of surplus food that has been rescued and brought to hunger relief nonprofits by means of Project DASH which is the equivalent of about forty eight African bush elephants!

Food cans closeup from mosaic

With its acronym standing for “DoorDash Acts for Sustainability and Hunger”, Project DASH has rescued over 625,000 pounds of food in just its first yr, offering greater than 500,000 meals to individuals and households facing hunger, and considering the manufacturers’ modern document-breaking accomplishment, there appears to be no symptoms of them slowing down.

More than 7,500 canned meals starting from beans, peas, lentils and soups, had been donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank due to this ancient report try, which includes the 6,853 cans that have been used to create the mosaic and as confirmed by way of the company, has amounted to over eight,000 pounds of food!

DoorDash with adjudicator

With one in 8 human beings within the United States going hungry, DoorDash acknowledges that its strengths and assets cause them to uniquely located to assist alleviate this difficulty and handiest have greater plans to hold preventing for the fulfillment in their task.

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