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Universal Integrated Public Transport Begins in Slovenia

STA, 1 June 2019 – June brings alternate free delivery as a usually included shipping provider kicks in on Saturday. A passenger, shopping for one bypass, will be able to use all means of public transport to be had, significantly bus, instruct and railway services of all transport service companies.

For those commuting every day to Ljubljana from nearby towns, 35 to 40 new rapid bus or instruct offerings might be delivered, which means they may have the simplest one-stop in-between.Universal Integrated Public Transport Begins in Slovenia 1

Monthly and annual passes can be to be had as of today, with the previous costing the equal of 32 single keys and the latter the equal of 8 month-to-month passes.

This is in keeping with the authorities’ selection in April, while a decree on the new integrated device of public shipping for passengers was adopted.
The new single, every day, and weekly passes can be added in August, to be followed up in 2020 with an incorporated monthly skip on the price of the most specific 26 unmarried tokens.
Prices depend on the length of the adventure; the bottom one turned into a set for a distance of as much as 5 kilometers (EUR 1.3) and the best for over 150 kilometers (EUR 13).

Transport providers taking part within the new scheme can have the option of providing up to a 30% discount for monthly and annual passes.
The government decreed a 20% discount as the lowest viable for annual passes, as its purpose is to have greater than eighty% of all passengers opt for yearly or month-to-month passes.

The set charges are generally the prices of instruct offerings, even though delivery officers have anticipated decreased prices to inspire public delivery usage.
Although rail and bus fares have to cost the equal under the decree, business every day Finance recently suggested rail operator Slovenske Železnice (SŽ) did now not plan a upward charge push.

Commenting on the new machine for Finance, Robert Sever of the GZS’s transport phase said ultimate month: “We do not assume a revolution, but the rapid strains will appeal to rather greater passengers. However, passengers from Postojna will nonetheless get caught in visitors jams on the highway just like the ones in vehicles.”

The expansion of the integrated passenger transport service comes after secondary college and college college students started trying it out inside the 2016/17 educational 12 months.

Finance has said a few EUR one hundred twenty million is available for public delivery services a yr, of which SŽ and 25 train companies because the carriers of the general public service of integrated passenger delivery acquired almost EUR 44 million for subsidized pupil passes in 2018.

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