Viral pix of uncovered chook cause food inspection at Dartmouth eating place

A Dartmouth eating place is in harm management after photos in their restaurant went viral on social media, prompting several complaints.

Photos of uncooked chook at the back of the Pho Hoang Minh restaurant in Dartmouth were shared on a Halifax Facebook page.

Viral pix of uncovered chook cause food inspection at Dartmouth eating place 1

The photos show uncooked pieces of meat — exposed and uncovered to the elements — placed on a board above two green organic waste bins.

The snapshots quickly drew condemnation from the general public.

Andy Pan, the owner of the family restaurant located at 172 Wyse Rd., said that it became his mom who placed the raw chicken out to dry in the sun and was for non-public use.

Food inspection, enforcement, and compliance fall below the Nova Scotia Department of Environment.

In an emailed reaction to Global News, Department of Environment spokesperson Lisa Jarrett said the branch became aware of the incident.

“We acquired a couple of proceedings through our online Food Safety Complaint Submission shape concerning the problem,” stated Jarrett. “Our group of workers is following up.”

Jarrett says the branch can take several movements against the eating place if vital. That includes presenting schooling to the owner/operator of the status quo or enforcing activities to cope with any violations that have been located.

Nova Scotia posts all its restaurant inspection reports online.

Pho Hoang Minh has been inspected on 11 instances as of Aug. 24, 2016, consistent with the province’s records. The state-of-the-art register is dated June 14, 2018.

Since Aug. 24, 2016, provincial food inspectors have filed seven notices to confirm meal protection requirements. Records display that the eating place fixed all the deficiencies while asked.

Pan established the general public response to the images and stated it didn’t happen again.

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