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West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop Ended

Taşıma West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop” organized using Süleyman Demirel University with the West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop Ended 1contributions of Keçiborlu Municipality become held at Keçiborlu Municipality Cinema and Culture Center. The first consultation of the workshop Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Bright, Vice-Rector of the SDU. Dr. Mehmet Saltan, Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, senior representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, lecturers, students, and the general public attended. In the establishing speech of the workshop, Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Bright said that he was glad to return so far inside the undertaking that commenced with a dream three years ago. Bright logistic centers are essential in phrases of the city financial system and convenient access to the marketplace, emphasizing that the geographical structure of Keçiborlu meets all necessities for the logistics center.

In his evaluation, Vice-Rector of the SDU Dr. Mehmet Saltan said that Keçiborlu had an essential possibility due to its geographical characteristics. Keçiborlu land, air, and 3 exceptional shipping remind that the mode Salt containing the railway “City this opportunity needs to be properly evaluated. This is the logistic center that could be mounted to Keçiborlu in Isparta, and the extensive plan will gain Turkey. Keçiborlu will get the proper value. Or Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı also stated that the workshop organized in cooperation with SDU and Keçiborlu Municipality changed into widespread and significant. Turkey Grand National Assembly and the 22 26. Ilıcalı citing that served as a deputy within the length, Turkey’s “Logistics Master Plan,”

stated he organized. Within the framework of this plan, Keçiborlu also deserves the value that deserves to reach Ilıcalı da Isparta is glaringly a logo metropolis. It has robust agricultural production. As we’ve got seen in Kechiborlu, there’s most effective one want with logistical infrastructure, that’s a totally sturdy political authority. Mayors in cities are very crucial. Presidency Sadi Bilgiç, who is also the Chairman of the TGNA, now supports the undertaking. I desire a concrete result will emerge. I desire the workshop to be instrumental in the improvement of Isparta. Çalış TCDD Transportation Inc. Mehmet Altınsoy, General Director of Logistics, made a presentation.

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