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West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop Ended

Taşıma West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop ”organized by means of Süleyman Demirel University with the contributions of Keçiborlu Municipality become held at Keçiborlu Municipality Cinema and Culture Center. The first consultation of the workshop Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Bright, Vice Rector of the SDU. Dr. Mehmet Saltan, Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, senior representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, lecturers, students, and the general public attended. The establishing speech of the workshop Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Bright said that he was glad to return so far inside the undertaking that commenced with a dream three years ago. Bright, logistic centers are essential in phrases of city financial system and convenient access to the marketplace, emphasizing that the geographical structure of Keçiborlu meets all necessities for the logistics center. Vice Rector of the SDU Dr. Mehmet Saltan said in his evaluation that Keçiborlu had an essential possibility due to its geographical characteristics. Keçiborlu land, air, and 3 exceptional shipping reminding that the mode Salt containing the railway “City this opportunity need to be properly evaluated, this is the logistic center could be mounted to Keçiborlu, in Isparta and the extensive plan will gain Turkey. Keçiborlu will get the proper value. Or Istanbul Commerce University Faculty Member Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı also stated that the workshop organized in cooperation with SDU and Keçiborlu Municipality changed into widespread and significant. Turkey Grand National Assembly and the 22 26. Ilıcalı citing that served as a deputy within the length, Turkey’s “Logistics Master Plan,” stated he organized. Within the framework of this plan, Keçiborlu also deserves the value that deserves to reach Ilıcalı da Isparta is glaringly a logo metropolis. It has robust agricultural production. As we’ve got seen in Kechiborlu, there’s most effective one want with logistical infrastructure, that’s a totally sturdy political authority. Mayors in cities are very crucial. Presidency Sadi Bilgiç, who is also the Chairman of the TGNA, now supports the undertaking. I desire a concrete result will emerge. I desire the workshop to be instrumental in the improvement of Isparta. Çalış TCDD Transportation Inc. Mehmet Altınsoy, General Director of Logistics, made a presentation. Altınsoy 9 logistics centers in Turkey, explaining that “we will do extra 11 close to a logistics center within the manner. Keçiborlu is very near the airline and railroad on the very crucial dual carriageway in Antalya. This is a bonus, we’re here for. Bu The institutions had been hooked up two years ago; Noting that the liberalization of the transport of the targets Altınsoy “12740 km of railway in Turkey. These are the 1213 high-pace train, the remaining 11527 km is the conventional railway. There’s simplest a shortcoming, there are most effective ports in Turkey 191 15 inside the rail community. In this context, I can make the following declaration we are doing an assignment to introduce railway to Antalya Port. Again, it is one among our missing 295 OSB in Turkey. We handiest have 12. There is not any connection in this area. We have hooked up a station to Göltaş Cement. Annual 500 heaps of shipping are completed. Yıllık Altınsoy, Isparta, Burdur, Antalya high-speed educate invested in the information with the intention to depart Gumusun gave the gospel. L Gümüşgün could be a completely crucial ık transfer station leak in the destiny, burden Altınsoy brought, adding that they’re making plans to take the Isparta cherry from here to Russia subsequent yr. Later, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı chaired scientific classes. In the clinical session, General Directorate of Railways, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Bilal Nailnak, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Transportation General Directorate Kemal Güney, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager of the Department of Logistics Mehmet Altınsoy, Isparta Commercial Province Director Mehmet Akif Ülger and Isparta Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Enver Murat Dolunay made analyzes at the task. Prof. Dr. Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç, Deputy Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, presented the afternoon consultation of the Western Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transport Workshop. Dr. Ilker Hüseyin Çarıkçı, Isparta Deputy Mehmet Uğur Gökgöz, Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Parlak, Keçiborlu District Governor Okan Leblebicier, academicians, college students, and public attended. It began with an idea and creativeness, it came to this point The first of the protocol speeches before the afternoon scientific classes, President of the SDU. Dr. Ilker Hussein Carikci made. Professor Dr. Carikci, Logistics Center Project as a dream and idea began 5 years ago, he stated. Keçiborlu’nun land, air, and railway transportation community is placed within the center, describing the excellent road visitors, stated: all Fikri Keçiborlu Mayor Yusuf Murat Bright talked. We added this factor. We will deliver the clinical outputs of this workshop right into an ebook. We’il file. We will guide the clustering. The SDU, in addition to everybody’s expertise, additionally based the School of Civil Aviation. Construction is almost over. At this point, giving us first-rate assist Deputy Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç I want to thank once more. ” Carikci, “I want to the percentage a gospel here as properly,” he said: “We will apply to YÖK to make the Faculty of Civil Aviation a school. As SDU, we help the aviation cluster via mobilizing all our possibilities. Hav Isparta deputy Mehmet Ugur Gökgöz satisfied in his speech on the workshop, stated they were seeking to have the strength for a prosperous Turkey. West Mediterranean Logistics Center and Integrated Transportation Workshop with the clinical outputs of the project will make the effort to enforce the voicing Gokgoz, Isparta very essential funding, employment, alternate in terms of value will occur further, he stated. Deputy Chairman of the Parliament Süreyya Sadi Bilgiç stated that logistics is one of the most essential areas of the sector. Such an corporation voicing satisfaction with the implementation Bilgiç, noting that prepares Logistics Master Plan of the Republic of Turkey to attain these values into Keçiborlu additionally predicts the sector’s gateway to the western Mediterranean. Bilgic stated that they’re running at the toll road venture with the intention to join Antalya to the Istanbul and Ankara routes. Esi Soon the toll road will bypass thru Keçiborlu. As you recognize, High-Speed Train (IHT) will bypass via Keçiborlu. In 40 mins, we can be on the harbor (Antalya Bay). I got here to the Army Aviation School. There’s an airport. Aircraft portray, preservation, repair hangar. There are non-public marketers in these regions. We need to make Isparta renovation base in aviation. The West Mediterranean Logistics Center Project, so that it will be located in Keçiborlu, can even aid aviation targets. Biz Bilgic stated that the Western Mediterranean Logistics Center isn’t always only wondering nationally. Bilgiç, who wants this to be an global pillar, said, Almas The foundation of the entirety is accept as true with. We will build a strong law. With Europe, Africa, and the Far East, we have finished a more potent integration with alternate, tourism and the world. We will combine Keçiborlu into the entire global. K The workshop endured with scientific sessions after the protocol speeches. The clinical consultation titled Mühendislik Freight Transport with Multiple Transport Modes Taşıma became held by using the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, SDU. Dr. Serdal Terzi directed. Prof. At Gazi University. Dr. Hülagü Kaplan, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Dangerous Goods and Combined Transport Deputy General Director Sinan Kuşçu, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Combined Transport Department Bülent Süloğlu, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Highways Arrangement Directorate of Highways Directorate of Highways Kerim Cicioğlu Ramazan Dursun from the Department of Aviation Security of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, and Turkish Airlines Cargo Manager Emre Bulut participated as a speaker. The scientific output of the workshop may be become an e-book by way of SDU Publishing House.

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