Western treats: where a brunch-loving dessert

Chinese-Canadian Lavina Wong is the co-founding father of Igloo Dessert Bar at the Star Ferry in Central Hong Kong.

I am pretty adventurous. I want to strive for one-of-a-kind cuisines and get stimulated with elements and pairings. You may also even see some of these flavors pop up in Igloo’s check kitchen gelato.

I always look ahead to brunch. It is my event of the week. It’s now not alcoholism if it’s brunch.

Gough’s on Gough

Western treats: where a brunch-loving dessert 1

(15 Gough Street, Central, tel: 2473 9066) transforms this eating experience. Designer Timothy Oulton’s immaculate attention to the element is undeniable. A huge front aquarium has an antique diver inner and a winding cast iron staircase leading upstairs. I love the plush leather banquettes and walking my arms at the white feather wall. Have the Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding, seasonal whole fish, or house-made pasta.

For dim sum, Shanghai Lu Yang Cun (11/F World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2881 6669) serves a tea-infused duck that is extremely good. It’s like a Peking duck with a hot steamed bun. The sluggish-braised beef belly is also outstanding. Also, strive for the smoked pine nut, ham, and vegetable fried rice.

Most human beings will agree that wine and dessert pass nicely together, conserving palms as they bypass into the rundown of your mouth. The picture of a pitcher of wine next to a plate of tiramisu makes most people salivate, drooling like someone about to fall in love before everything chews. It seems simply sufficient: a tumbler of wine, a plate of candies, a flavor bud or fifty, but wining and dining on this way wishes greater than a Twinkie and a bottle of sugary liquid; it calls for the right pairing of food and wine for the remaining revel in. It also calls for knowing what the term “dessert wines” involves.

Dessert wines, by definition, seem pretty simple: they’re wines regularly served with a dessert. They comprise a rainbow of flavors such as peach, herb, oak, and berry. When eaten up with an after-dinner dish – or delivered to a cream – their tang and efficiency create an exquisite combination. Even for desserts or creams weighted down in lightness, the vividness of a dessert wine could make a world of difference. A fashionable rule of thumb is that dessert wines must be sweeter than the desserts they’re served with.

Standing alone from time to time, dessert wines do not usually play the position of the sidekick. Dessert wines are also of independence – enlightening others, preaching equality, and making a song, “I’m a wino listen to me pour in bottles too big to ignore,” for whoever will concentrate. In brief, they are served without food as regularly as they are served with it.

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