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WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere

Winnie Lijodi has been employed for two years earlier than she ventured into entrepreneurship. Within those two years, she worked for two one-of-a-kind corporations. “My first corporation becomes a branding and printing firm based totally in Westlands, Nairobi,” says Winnie, who is in her early thirties. She worked for 365 days and could take domestic 15,000 in keeping with the month. In early 2016, she got another task at a local bank.

She becomes hired at Kenya Commercial Bank under contractual phrases with a monthly retainer pay of Sh25,000. Although her new profits turned barely higher than what she had been earning in the printing company, it was nevertheless little compared to what some of her peers were making inside the corporate global. The moderately expanded cost of living in Nairobi did not make matters any simpler to undergo. But whichever manner she checked out it, working on the bank became corresponding to a dream come authentically. “It turned into an opportunity that I may want to have sacrificed a better pay for. I turned into satisfied that it might launch me onto a host of bigger and moneymaking opportunities within the banking region,” she says.WOMAN OF PASSION: Any errand, any time, anywhere 1

By the stop of 2016, Winnie commenced having a trade of heart. First, her contractual terms had been no longer improving inside the equal pace that she might have hoped for. And over the 2-yr duration that she was in employment, Winnie had all started to expand a love for entrepreneurship. She says all of it commenced with a statement. “I saw a gap in the way places of work completed their daily errands,” she says. For instance, says Winnie, she located that the general public in employment struggled to juggle among office and buying hours. Also, deep down, Winnie longed for the day she could be her boss and be capable of manipulating her very own time and create her very own rules of engagement.

Before she ends her process to mission into a commercial enterprise, Winnie says she began conducting interviews to perceive the exact problems that her venture could create answers for. “The interviews vindicated my observation. Many of those I talked to confessed how they located it hard getting a day without work their paintings schedules to run small errands consisting of purchasing, picking a parcel at the bus level, or maybe going to the market,” she says. In early 2017, she determined to terminate her banking process agreement and start her personal business. “I advanced my enterprise concept from an commentary, and interviews after which started an actual errands start-up,” she says. She referred to as her commercial enterprise Run For You Errands. Today, the enterprise gives courier offerings to employed people working through busy schedules. “My goal customers are inside the employment discipline.

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