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A woman opens impartial writing carrier

Writer Alexandria Palliat launched Ink & Parchment in December as writing and enhancing provider for small organizations and different corporations. Palliat recently spoke to The News-Post to speak approximately the offerings she gives and what she loves about operating her enterprise.

What made you need to open the writing commercial enterprise?

I have an ardor for writing and editing. A lot of human beings that I knew have been coming to me and asking if I would be inclined to edit their articles or papers. I simply realized that if I even have humans asking me to do that, that that is a skill that I can use to assist businesses to enhance whether it is able to be sales or their online presence. For a whole lot of groups, I would be aware grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes, and it bothers me. I wanted to assist different organizations to avoid that difficult due to the fact which can replicate on business and I can be there to provide that help.

What’s your background?

I keep a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in communications.

Is writing a hobby of yours?

I virtually commenced off in university reading biology and I became genuinely inquisitive about it, but that’s now not wherein my skill set became. I was taking English classes and one among my favorite teachers told me, ‘You have something and also you don’t even realize what rhetoric is, but you’re excelling at it in my class,’ so I changed my diploma direction. I continually had been writing as a hobby, I began off with fan fiction when I become in junior high and I just advanced from there, writing little snippets and pieces for myself. Once I changed ranges, I in no way looked returned and it honestly made that university adventure some distance extra well worth it.

What form of services do you offer in your customers?

I do a diffusion of writing and enhancing. Editing consists of proofreading, grammar, and punctuation. I can fully editor just look over something simply to make certain it sounds proper. I can do content material relying on the content location. But I’m no longer an engineer so I won’t have the ability to tell if a few codes are accurate, however, I can inform you if it’s properly written.

As ways as writing, I do ghostwrite, which means I will write a piece of writing for any individual. It may be for a business’s blog and then it’s posted beneath the commercial enterprise’s call. I can do a lengthy form, quick shape, marketing materials, and social media content material. A lot of small businesses may not have the team that they need committed to social media, and I can help offer that guide.
How an awful lot do your offerings fee?

They start at $50 an hour for at the very least four hours.

What’s your favorite part approximately proudly owning and operating your very own writing commercial enterprise?

The pleasant component certainly is owning and running my personal enterprise. It’s simply definitely exciting with the capacity to determine the kind of paintings I do, how long it takes me to do something and the type of clients that I work with. I actually have numerous experience editing for the hearth carrier industry and the emergency control enterprise because I grew up surrounded through that. That’s where my patron base has stemmed from and it’s truly interesting due to the fact I’m very inquisitive about that subject, but no longer enough to be an EMS officer. It gives me a risk to analyze greater approximately industries and businesses and side tasks that I am keen on or have a hobby in, but perhaps can’t pledge myself to. I just study plenty and that’s certainly cool.

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