Auntie Pasto’s: Award-winning dessert attracts clients to Tuscan bistro

To Die For Layers of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries with ladyfingers soaked in rum, peach schnapps, Sprite, and orange juice.
To Die ForAuntie Pasto’s: Award-winning dessert attracts clients to Tuscan bistro 1
Mediterranean salad
Romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, and feta cheese with cold pesto
Auntie Pasto’s: Award-winning dessert attracts clients to Tuscan bistro 2
Fettuccini in cream sauce with sauteed shrimp, portobello mushrooms, and smoked bacon.
Charles Thee III got his first job at Auntie Pasto’s eating place in Bellaire in 1997 after moving to Houston from Bermuda to look at the inn and eating place management at the University of Houston.

Twenty-one years later, he opened an extension of the eating place in Pearland, where he lives with his wife, Kimberly, and his youngsters.

“It turned into a good shape for them and me,” Thee stated. “I loved seeing my Bellaire clients out in the grocery shop and changed into searching out that same vicinity to fit in in Pearland. When the gap unfolded in which the previous David’s Fine Meats changed into, I stated, ‘Let’s deliver this a shot.’”

The Italian eating place provides a circle of relatives-pleasant atmosphere, akin to ingesting in a Tuscan restaurant. In addition to lunch and dinner menus, Auntie Pasto’s offers to-go and catering options in addition to a complete bar and lineup of self-made cakes.

One of its famous cakes is the award-triumphing “To Die For,” which functions as layers of berries on ladyfingers soaked in a concoction of orange juice, Sprite, rum, and peach schnapps, mixed with sweetened cream cheese filling and topped with a self-made almond torte.

“Many first-time customers come here because they heard of the ‘To Die For,’” Thee stated. “Then they see we have other meals.”

Other favorite dishes include the Mediterranean salad with pesto pasta, prosciutto ham, and self-made French dressing. Auntie Pasto’s signature dish is the fresh black pepper fettuccini with shrimp, topped with a cream sauce, portobello mushrooms, and smoked bacon. Pasta dishes also can be made with whole wheat pasta.

Also, if a client does not see something on the menu, they will take requests. That has brought about his proposing certain dishes, including Cajun pasta, as weekend specials.

“If the kitchen has the ingredients, we can make it,” Thee stated.

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