Casa Grande circle of relatives speaks out after 2 children taken at some stage in carjacking

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD News thirteen) — A Casa Grande mom and dad are thankful their family is together after their little boys had been taken throughout a carjacking Friday night time.

The boys had been eventually dropped off and observed securely. However, it becomes a terrifying ordeal for the family.

Sydnor is Harrison, and Angelic Perez had a close name on Friday night, while a person stole their automobile even as their two younger sons slept inside the returned seat.

As Harrison made breakfast, his eyes were always drawn to 1 sight.

“What makes me smile is being able to appear out the window and notice the children playing at the same time as you cook dinner to breakfast,” he stated. Harrison and Perez were in excessive spirits on Sunday because their youngsters are right wherein they belong.Casa Grande circle of relatives speaks out after 2 children taken at some stage in carjacking 1

The pair have five youngsters. They spent Sunday gambling collectively, but days ago, things were special.

“They don’t understand the magnitude that turned into in reality going on,” stated Harrison. “When you believe you studied you don’t see all people … Any person sees you.”

Harrison’s car turned into stolen from a Casa Grande AutoZone Friday night, along with his five- and six-yr-vintage boys asleep in the returned seat.

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