Does Femtech Give Users Control of Their Health or Take It Away?

At the 2015 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, many humans celebrated as the iPhone Health app eventually diagnosed durations. Menstruation tracking had been a much-asked characteristic that the tech giant had rightly criticized for not, such as when it introduced the app a year earlier. Apple became a holdout within the market, as was Fitbit, which didn’t upload “girl fitness tracking” until May 2018. But utilizing 2013, period trackers like Clue, Glow, and Period Diary had already been viable options.

Does Femtech Give Users Control of Their Health or Take It Away? 1

Because of this, fertility-tracking gadgets like Bellabeat, OvuSense, Daysy, Tempdrop, and Ava have, in addition, saturated the “femtech” market, giving the current man or woman a sublime, tech-savvy answer for monitoring their frame. Trackers without a hardware issue (in preference to Fitbit and its ilk) work by asking customers to enter statistics like when their durations start and cease, how heavy their cycles are, and associated factors like mood, sexual activity, bodily pain, frame temperature, and pulse. Some fertility-oriented apps even ask users to log their sexual positions.

As with all health apps, duration trackers’ efficacy depends on how good deal facts a consumer is willing to feed it: “The extra records you input, the extra correct your predictions,” as Glow puts it. “Finally, apprehend your body,” guarantees Ava. The motivation behind femtech apps is comprehensible. Access to abortion and prescription beginning management remains out of reach for plenty of ladies and others in need; some politicians see every girl’s body as a “host.” In this feel, generation can assist people to advantage greater business enterprise over their fitness—and now not best because it applies to duplicate. For instance, the Apple Watch’s EKG feature can flag capability coronary heart issues, which is critical, notes Sloan Gaon, CEO of the fitness records and era organization PulsePoint, because coronary heart sickness kills one in four ladies.

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