Mom loses 82 kilos via tracking what she eats while on keto weight-reduction plan

Seven months after having her 2d baby, Keli Ricci, 33, joined her circle of relatives for a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It changed into hard for her. At 5 ft 4 inches tall, she weighed 207 pounds and felt uncomfortable and sad navigating the enjoyment park.

“I turned into annoyed once I was presupposed to be enjoying time with my family,” Ricci, an area manager for a retail merchandising agency in Sacramento, California, told TODAY, via email.

She found out her weight saved her from having amusing. That’s when her husband, Tyler, 32 got here up with an idea to assist them each.

“My husband advised we location a bet on which one people should ultimate the longest without brought sugar or carbs,” she defined.


Ricci agreed and started out tracking what she ate in June 2017. After weeks, Tyler “caved in,” however she preferred that her low-carb and sugar-free existence helped her lose some pounds so she stored going.

“It turned into so beneficial to have my husband’s aid particularly in the beginning whilst we were changing plenty of our ingesting habits,” Ricci explained. “I endured eating low-carb, which developed right into a ketogenic food plan.”

With a ketogenic or keto food plan, she eats low-carb however high fats and protein, including foods like nuts, cheese, fowl, steak, veggies and even sugar-unfastened ice cream to her food regimen. Following an ingesting plan like this calls for lots of paintings so Ricci commenced tracking what she ate inside the app Lose It!

“By monitoring what I eat, it’s less complicated to stay on route,” she stated.

By May 2018, Ricci misplaced 82 kilos to weigh 125 pounds. After a yr of retaining her weight, she is still amazed by her accomplishments.

“When I started out to lose weight I figured I’d perhaps lose a bit, however I thought for sure I’d simply benefit it returned,” she stated. “I observed out that I have a great deal more energy and willpower than I concept.”

She thinks that losing weight allows her be a better mom due to the fact she likes who she is and no longer feels self-aware doing regular activities.

“My self belief has improved a lot and I no longer have tension about conditions like swimming with my kids,” she explained. “Since losing the weight I can do matters more spontaneously and live extra within the moment.”

While she doesn’t workout often, she has greater power and performs together with her kids, Olivia, 6, and Harrison, 2, extra regularly.

“(I) am lots more lively with my family now that I am not wearing a lot extra weight,” she stated.

Ricci stocks tips for those hoping to shed some kilos.

1. Set reasonable goals.
While reducing all sugar and processed carbs would possibly seems like a huge deal, Ricci most effective started out doing it as a guess. When her husband gave up, she stuck with it. Approaching her weight reduction in potential bits allows hold her focused.

2. Track what you eat.
Ricci had no idea that she become often ingesting food that have been too large.

“It’s eye-commencing to see how your food influences your fitness and what a component length definitely manner,” she said.

3. Don’t use food as a praise.
While it feels tempting to deal with your self to ice cream or pizza while you reach dreams, Ricci unearths it’s far higher to use other rewards instead.

“Don’t reward your self with food. It’s an clean manner to undo some of the paintings you’ve finished,” she said.

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