The hidden that means behind Cersei’s music in Game of Thrones

Spoilers are coming. Look away now in case you haven’t seen Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5…

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones aired in the US last night, showcasing Daenerys’ wrath as she rained hearth on King’s Landing.

But before that, there was a moment when the show gave a nod to seasons beyond, as a familiar tune via Ramin Djawadi performed amid the warfare scenes.

The hidden that means behind Cersei’s music in Game of Thrones 1

You may not have stuck it; however, there has been a factor, as Daenerys turned busy torching the Lannister military and breaking down the ramparts of King’s Landing, at which the identical sequence that was used inside the ‘Light of the Sevens’ subject matter – which made its debut inside the season 6 finale – performed out ahead of Cersei’s loss of life.

So, what’s the importance of the theme in season eight, episode five? We explain all…

Everyone’s going crazy for Ramin Djawadi’s Night King subject >

Where does the track seem in season eight, episode 5?

As Daenerys rides on the back of Drogon, placing alight the walls of King’s Landing, we reduce to a shot of Cersei Lannister as she watches on helplessly from the Red Keep.

Cersei’s hand, Qyburn, comes into the room to tell her that the dragon has destroyed all the Scorpions (the specifically designed, dragon-killing crossbows), and the Iron Fleet has been wiped out with the Golden Company’s soldiers. All they’ve left is the Lannister foot soldiers.

Despite the desperation of the scenario, Cersei continues: “They [her men] will guard the Red Keep to the ultimate guy. The Red Keep has never fallen; it received’t falls nowadays.”

That familiar cello series starts offevolved pouring out as she says this, bringing a robust foreboding feel.

We then transfer to a scene of her little brother, Tyrion, as he enters the walls of King’s Landing, horrified by Daenerys’ actions. While the cello component starts slower than in the ‘Light of the Seven’, it starts quickening in tempo, swelling, and constructing into a deafening crescendo.

The tune pauses dramatically as the ultimate of the Lannister navy drops their swords in defeat.

We then pan over the terracotta roofs of King’s Landing (possibly to emphasize that there are loads of humans residing within the castle’ walls, which can be about to be barbecued) to locate Jaime pushing his manner via the group for you to meet his twin sister one ultimate time.

Moments later, the Red Keep crumbles through the piece, like Cersei, Qyburn, and The Mountain descend the spiral staircase. Ser Gregor’s brother, The Hound, then meets them on their descent as a way to kill his older sibling. For the first time, The Mountain ignores his queen’s command earlier than killing Qyburn to fight his brother. The pair conflict it out as the apocalyptic scenes play out around them.

Cersei is controlled to escape the Red Keep’s tower, and Jaime finds her in the map room after he kills Euron Greyjoy. They embody as the violin tune trickles into the historical past. Jaime leads her into the underground passages inside the hope of escaping. When they get there, they find out the route has been blocked with rubble and that they die in each different’s hands as their home falls upon them.

The ‘Light of the Seven’ subject within the season 6 finale

The ultimate time we heard the ‘Light of the Seven’ subject matter turned into within the dramatic season 6 finale when Cersei trapped her opponents in September and blew it up to the usage of Wildfire.

She was waiting in September where the High Sparrow, Margaery Tyrell, her brother Loras, and their father, Mace Tyrell.

After Loras renounces his ‘sins’ and is branded using the High Sparrows’ fans, Cersei becomes after standing trial. But in proper Cersei fashion, she had no intention of attending her practice; instead, she stayed in the Red Keep throughout September to observe because the religious building went up in green flame.

Before this iconic Game of Thrones scene, there had been a beautifully choreographed series in which the Sparrows had been shot from above. As they gracefully pass across the ground of the Sept, the ‘Light of the Seven’ begins playing, adding a feeling of urgency and coming near doom.

Unlike different Game of Thrones tracks, the ‘Light of the Seven’ is often performed at the piano, making it all harrowing.

During the whole thing, Cersei used The Mountain to barricade her son Tommen in, who might in any other case have sought to assist his doomed wife, Margaery, who was also within the Sept.

After witnessing the Sept blow up in a big green explosion, King Tommen eliminated his crown, positioned it beside the desk, and walked out of shot. The digital camera was nevertheless pointing to the arched windows of the Red Keep as Tommen again threw himself out the window, plummeting to his death. He turned into the ultimate of Cersei’s youngsters.

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