This Fashion Student Stitched FKA Twigs Flyers, Tickets, and Even Her Face Into Her Final Collection

If you’re a style layout pupil in the U.K., the chances are that FKA Twigs’s singular but highly British experience of fashion bears, as a minimum, a few impacts on your creative exercise. The singer-songwriter pulls sartorial references from an expansive timeline,

one which begins in 18th-century high society London (as is obvious in her Vivienne Westwood series) and ends within the halcyon days of New York City’s membership scene at the flip of the century (that is on full display in certainly one of her current Instagram ’zines).

For the University for the Creative Arts, Epson scholar Eden Russell, although Twigs plays a greater than a peripheral role in her design technique. Twigs’s likeness capabilities the front and middle within the graduate pupil’s final series, which she offered as part of London’s Graduate Fashion Week a few days ago.

In researching artist Romare Bearden, who Russell says encouraged her paintings, she delved into black tradition as represented through historical and modern figures as diverse as Malcolm X, Josephine Baker, James Brown, Frederick Douglass, and yes,

FKA Twigs, whose face is outlined on a standout blue knit sweater. “Each outfit represents a famous black leader,” Russell defined over electronic mail following the display.

This Fashion Student Stitched FKA Twigs Flyers, Tickets, and Even Her Face Into Her Final Collection 1

“The outfits are modern-day style looks stimulated through the enduring staple cloth cabinet of the time that those leaders have been living in.” For Malcolm X, this translates to an oversized fit jacket. For Twigs, Russell crocheted and stitched together secondhand vintage jumpers,

which she paired with pants made from virtual prints of Twigs’s concert flyers and tickets that she collaged together. Twigs may have already been fashion royalty, but now she’s the direct face of the enterprise’s sustainable forefront.

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